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  1. You clicked Ok didn't you? Like "Ma, an unrecoverable problem, but I can keep playing? Ok!":)Ray
  2. Suited Pocket Pairs are the best kind.Ray
  3. I remember that time that people took the .50 NL game way too seriously. :(I agree its against the rules and bad, but you know what, it's still mildly amusing.Ray
  4. A friend of mine just forwarded me an e-mail announcement today that he received. The Fish Tank (Scott's site) has departed from the Doyle's Room network. All accounts on Fish Tank are being transferred to Doyle's Room, and all bonuses and promo points are being transferred to an equivilent on Doyle's Room.I don't have any details, but for those of you out there on the Fish Tank, thought you would want to know.Ray
  5. That's just his writing style. His Card Player articles can be very similar (in style). Ray
  6. That doesn't show what you were dealt each hand tho, does it? Its just the action and the showdown if there was one...Ray
  7. I really wish we could see the suits of the other players cards. I want to know how many of my clubs are out there, and if anyone is still hunting for a flush as well. I like the opporunity of a scoop, so if not many clubs are out, but Player 1 or 2 are drawing to a flush, I like the raise to try to price them out of drawing to their flushes and maybe lows.... If noone else looks like they are on the flush draw, and I am down a couple of clubs, I think I'd prefer the call.Ray
  8. I had a "tap the glass" moment last night when I had pocket queens, the pot was capped preflop, the turn came Q92 rainbow, and I got called down by QT (who raised me on the flop!) and 88. When the hand was done, I typed "I love you guys!" into the chat box.Probably not the best move. :PRay
  9. This does bring up the question of ... broken bot?Ray
  10. I think "Thomas Keller's *****" is better.... hurmm, let's see what the language filter thinks of that....Ray
  11. *shrug* If Daniel asks Thomas, that's up to them. I don't think you or I get to decide this. .... And what a crappy 1,000th post this is. :PRay
  12. Funny you should say this, Thomas did a radio interview a couple of months ago where someone asked him about this, and he said almost the exact same thing. "How dumb would I have to be to keep tens of thousands of 100 chips in my trunk?"Regarding the Fischman deal, I can't say anything really, sorry guys. Thomas keeps that kind of stuff private, and thus obviously I should too.Ray
  13. I have yet to see Thomas roundhouse kick someone.But I will keep an eye out for it.Ray
  14. Kind of back to my earlier statement, my attempts to get him to focus on marketing are not enthusiastically met. Him and his brother have a very no-nonsense business-like attitude towards poker. Sure he could play Daniel for publicty and have a pretty tough game ahead of him, or he could play any number of high limit fish and just make money that way.Another issue is Thomas currently has a deal with Ultimate Bet. Being seen in a high profile match on another site would probably not go over well.Ironically enough, however, all of the "forum tournies" that the forum posters play in happen on FCP
  15. 1) See Keller thread in this forum. I've known him for a long long long time. Since way before poker.2). No. :)Ray
  16. Hey guys,Well, as his assistant and webmaster for the site, let me fire away on these.His "protoge" is his good friend Matt Anderson. Its not someone who won a contest or anything like that. Technically you could say he has several protoge's, Matt, Eric, Stefan, and myself, but he started teaching Matt first, then Eric, I am the newbie. Stefan actually learned mostly from Thomas's brother, but hangs with Thomas mostly for playing right now. His success over the past year has been pretty amazing. He's just not really playing tournaments too often, so not much reason for his name to be out there
  17. Danke Speedz. What he said. I play basically anything with my own money micro/low stakes. Currently I'm having fun screwing around with $20 free bucks on random site to see how high I can get it. On the norm, I play 2/4 right here on FCP with my own cash. When staked, I play between 30/60 to 300/600 depending on the mood of my staker, how many tables, whether I'm being 'actively taught' things or just kind of going on my own, etc.I never claimed to be a high stake player, either. *shrug* I was just answering a question that was asked with what data I have. :)Ray Fair enough. Keith's comments h
  18. *shrug* As I have said, its not my regular game, maybe I just have hit good times, but I have yet to book a losing session at PP 100/200, and only once was I getting hit in the face with the cards. If it *IS* your regular game, you probably have a better insight than I do. My average play time was a week night at around 7PM MST-10PM MST if you think that may make a difference.Hoosier, I have a very good eye on skill levels. *shrug* Kind of rude to assume I'm lying, either to myself or others. I thought I prefaced my post perfectly by explaining its not my regular and I have only played it sev
  19. I've only sat at 100/200 a few times, its not my regular game, but that being said,I found PP 100/200 to be pretty soft. I found 30/60 to be much more of a challenge. 100/200 honestly felt like aggressive rich people who like easy numbering schemes....Ray
  20. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-tournament...s&image_id=34911) Can someone teach them to focus/clean the lens.2) If the camera adds 20lbs, does Liz really weigh 0lbs?Ray
  21. Great, now I am responding just to see where I am in the post count...Ray
  22. Seems to be working now, I think it was user error. My paste had a space at the end of it.
  23. Sucky. I had them sign up for pokeroom instead because of it. I'm not saying this to be mean. I'm saying this so you have concrete examples to show to people that business is being lost by the ability not being there. I would have much preferred to have them sign up to FCP, but the monetary incentive was elsewhere right now.Ray
  24. I am trying to use http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker/hand_history.phpEvery time I put in a hand number and click Go, it comes back with "You must enter a hand number."Is it just temporarily down, am I messing something up, or is it not functional yet (in which case why is it an option )?Ray
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