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  1. Well, you tell me.Fake E-mail to change your Neteller password or something? And what makes you think someone only got your Neteller account, or its not still logging? Have you run mutliple different scanners? Have you shared your account info with anyone? Have you saved it in an email somewhere? Have you IM'd it to yourself from one place to another?There's many many ways they could have it. And it is a Bad Thing for you to assume that a) its all they have and b) all they will ever have. You need to do a lot of scanning to figure otu what happened, but to assume it was Neteller is probably f
  2. Nah, I was referring to OP's:"No clue but I guess its IGM and Firepay from here on out. I've now heard so many horror stories about money getting taken from Neteller accounts.."I've heard several too, in every one I have heard, the user was the one doing something wrong, and Neteller did everything in their power to fix it. Personally I love Neteller, which is why this is coming up...Some people asked why you would leave money in Neteller, and I can say I do it because I don't like to leave a large part of my bankroll on any one site. I trust Neteller far more than I trust random poker site ov
  3. PREFACE: I'm going to sound like a bitter jerk in this post.Ok, so let me get this straight.....Poker Player uses Neteller. Poker Player is happy with Neteller and things are going great. Poker Player then gets a virus/keylogger/trojan/whatever that allows someone to get their Neteller information, and they get ripped off.Neteller retrieves all the money in a matter of days.Poker Player then decides that Neteller is not safe and looks at moving to some other site...... ?This is silly. Do you see why?Ray
  4. How many Norwegian pros must I name to win a prize? :)Ray
  5. Are you sure Steve? The news posts says:Table:tiger8191's Ray
  6. *shrug* His last few posts have just proven that the whole thing really is just an attention seeking troll. Everyone, please stop feeding the trolls.Ray
  7. Good lord, I actually read the whole thing.I see no reason to argue the OP or Mike's version of what happened. They are relating what they saw, and to me, the issue is totally unclear if Daniel was angle shooting or not. I would lean towards believing he was not, but I can't say for sure.Do you know why?BECAUSE I CAN'T READ EFFING MINDS! I have no idea what Daniel was THINKING as this was all going on. I do not know his thought process, and I find it amazing that both OP and Mike do. Both of them have said at least once "He knew exactly what he was doing" as if they either are profound mind re
  8. Hey tally, what screen name and when was he playing?Just curious.Ray
  9. A ton of the 2+2'ers playing the Party 100/200 use it. Everyone I know personally does not. In fact, I've had a pro tell me that they hate them because it distracts them.The easy answer is: Whatever works for you. I wouldn't consider them unethical at all tho. I love PokerTracker and PokerOffice.Ray
  10. You forgot the Depends cart for the Senior's Event.Ray
  11. Yeah baby, that right, who calls it like me! Well.. I was closest at least.Ray
  12. I like this answer, and put it as very likely....but...He checked the flop when an Ace hit... I could put him on KcQc as well. Ray
  13. Greg's been active in the 2+2 thread, which has numerous links to back here. I wouldn't be suprised at all if that was him. Regardless, he posted a similar, if not verbatim, apology in 2+2, so even if it's not him, the post does echo what he has said elsewhere...Ray
  14. For those of you that use Poker Office, I just now noticed that the latest Poker Office update supports Full Contact Poker. No URL or link, cause I'm not spamming for them, but if you are a Poker Office user, this is another great reason to play on FCP. I'm a huge fan of their HUD, and it working on FCP is sure to get me playing on FCP more and more....Ray
  15. Mickey Appleman for me as well, whom I still can not tell for sure whether they're a boy or a girl, despite what anyone tells me.Ray
  16. I'm running Grand Prix Phoenix in four weeks, does that count?Ray
  17. If I remember right, a lot of the WSOP qualifiers were out there that qualified your for "any $3000 event" and such. They were there, and people played them, but $3000 < $10,000 soooo....Ray
  18. Isn't the guy who called with 8 high winning this contest easily still?All-In Called with 8-HighOn a flop of 10club 7club 5spade, Tim Rod bets $300 and his opponent raises to $600. Rod calls and the turn puts the 3club on the board. Rod again bets out with $1,500 and is again raised by his opponent to $4,000. Rod calls and the river puts the 3spade on the board. Rod pushes all-in and his opponent immediately calls. Rod flips up Kclub Qclub for a turned flush. His opponent says, "Do I have a straight flush? Oh, no I don't," as he shows 8diamond 6spade for 8-high.
  19. Regarding Thomas's hand:Many pros in general like to play the "go big or go home" mentality with tournaments like this. With the amount of online qualifers and just plain bad play that can pop up even in the Main Event, I think without having a super strong read on this player that he's a total donk jumping up and down advertising he has aces, it's an easy call. You are 65-70% to win vs AK, and 80%= vs all other hands. This is a good time to get your money in the pot. Ray
  20. Do people really lay down KK preflop? I mean, when your opponent has not shown you two aces....I just don't see it. Taking from this year's WSOP, might as well provide another example. Who folds here?Thomas Keller EliminatedA player in early position makes it $400 to go. The action folds around to Thomas Keller who pumps it to $1,800. The action folds back around to the original raiser who pushes all-in for $11,475 more, covering Keller. Keller thinks for a short time and reluctantly calls, showing Kclub Kdiamond. His opponent shows Aspade Aclub. The flop comes Jspade 10heart 9heart. The turn
  21. Some dog kicking would definitely be in order if I was the other guy. :PRay
  22. I've had small issues with being able to join tables for certain events occasionally, but that was simply a nuisance more than anything else. I've never had issues that COST ME MONEY (game locking up when in a hand, etc), and that's important to me, so I reccomend it.Ray
  23. He obviously was playing at the Play Money tables on Party Poker to avoid the rake. :PRay
  24. At Fort McDowell Casino in Arizona on July 29, at 3pm, the Susan G Komen Breat Cancer Foundation is holding a Charity No Limit Hold'em Tournament. $50+15 buy in, $25 rebuys, $50 Add on. Half of all buyins, rebuys and add ons go directly to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and National Philanthrop Trust, and the other half goes to the prize pool. In addition to the cash prize, there are donated prizes from Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Thomas"Thunder" Keller.Come play some poker and donate to a great cause!Ray
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