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  1. So, I get home yesterday to find what I shall call a chick and hen house party. My wifehas recently been laid off, and went back to school full time. In the mean time, she is enjoying the concept of house mom-ness, and is starting to hang out with all of the other housewives, which I affectionately( ?) call the hen house. When I got home there were four of the ladies and like 10 kids rampaging through my house. I did what any sane man would do, and fled to the office, locked it, and loaded me up a couple tables of the limit hold'em.I am running cold, simply not getting any cards, and the one decent hand I had was sucked out on, so I'm down just a little bit when I get pocket kings on one table and pocket jacks on the other. Yay! Time to make up some money! The pocket kings table is a speed table and the hand is done before preflop if even done on the pocket jacks table. The flop comes 46J rainbow and I silently thank the gods and hit bet. The table pauses on this guy who has timed out twice already and think nothing of it, but then I see "Checking Network Status...."MOTHER EFFOR I JUST GOT DISCONNECTED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HAND! I attempt not to rage, as there are many children around to hear my cursing, and just pray for a quick reconnect, when suddenly "BOOP!" "Call" "Bet" "Fold." Holy crap! I'm in, and someone must have raised?!?!? RERAISE WITH TOP SET WOOO HOOO! CLICK!And then I notice..... I no longer have JJ. That hand is over. Its next hand, and I just three bet preflop with, I kid you not, this is not for exaggeration. .. 72o. :club:

  2. "Evan McNiff raises to 25,000 and Andy Blocth moves all in from the button for 153,000. Tommy Vu is in the small blind and decides to re-push all in. He has Bloch covered. McNiff gets out of the way and the two players reveal their cards.Tommy Vu: AJAndy Bloch: QQThe board comes 962Q6 and Bloch doubles up to 345,000 with a full house. "A raise and a reraise all in, and Tommy thinks his AJo is good for a re-push? (yes, I am in playa hata mode today :club:)

  3. Figure no reason not to keep these going..Updates still at: http://liveupdates.worldpokertour.com/tour.../?x=updatesnewsSo..."After being crippled just before the tables were redrawn, Shawn Cunix moves all in for 24,000 from under the gun. David Benyamine calls as does Nam Le from the big blind.The flop comes QJ8 and both Nam and Benyamine check. The turn is the A and Nam bets only 16,000. Benyamine folds.Cunix: K-xNam Le: J3.The turn is the 2 and Nam Le eliminates Cunix with a pair of jacks. "Dry side pot bet with second par and non nut flush draw? Er?

  4. The 2+2 line of books is very good. Also there is strat forms here, and there are coaching sites that have excellent videos to help you learn. As others have said, with more details, we can probably tell/help you more. :)As a good start, I suggest Sklansky's Theory of Poker and Miller's Small Stakes Hold'Em. Both of these books have served me well in learning the fundamentals I could then apply to different things as I got more experience.Ray

  5. So, I have played craps exactly once, and it was a quite the experience.We were at Vegas jumping from casino to casino getting $1 chips from every casino for a friend, and had stopped at Imperial Palace. Well, ok, we were getting casino chips, but let's be real here, we were gambling and drinking at every single casino. We had started early with a nice lengthy Beer Gao session, which went as planned. For those of you that don't know, Beer Gao is simply taking over a Pai Gow Poker table, playing to push every hand, and ordering as many drink type things as we can as quickly as we can. We all had our buzz on and were jumping from black jack table to black jack table running about even overall. The crew in this case included me, my wife, a gentleman by the name of Matt Tabak (who Nikki has likely met at before at a convention we were both at), his girlfriend, Dan Gray (Nikki, this was my co- manager for that event) and his girlfriend. Dan.. is a big craps fiends, but I had thus far kept him away from those tables in favor of card games of varying sorts.But then, Mother Nature called, and off to the rest room I went, I was amused to note, sticking out of the restroom trash was one shoe.. Just one. My drunken state found this quite amusing when combined with the realization that, for reasons I can not recall, I am wearing Mr. Potato Head boxers. I have no idea what kind of omen this is, but it certainly was an amusing one. As I came out, Tabak finds me to state that, surprise surprise, Dan is playing craps.I wander over to watch him play, standing at one of the far ends of the table, next to him, and apparently I am standing on the wrong side, as Dan finishes his roll and they hand the dice to me. I try to pass them off, but this is not working, as everyone is egging me on to roll as only a wild craps table can do. I place a bet on Pass because I have no idea what to do, and roll the dice, and the entire table goes silent.You have to understand here that A) I am intoxicated, B) I have no idea what I am doing and C) I am an ex gamer, rpger. So when the pit boss explained to me that just rolling the dice on the matt about one foot was not a valid roll, I was confused, and everyone else was .... very much amused. The pit boss kindly explained to me that my dice needed to hit the back wall for the roll to be considered a valid roll.Now, what my drunken state translated that to, was that I had to hit the back wall ON THE FLY, so I wound up and pitched those mother ****ers across the table with the power only a drunken gamer can muster, where they struck the player opposite me right in the chest, then fell to the table.Thankfully he found this amusing, because, well, he was a big gentleman, and I don't think I would have stood a chance to be honest.The pit boss, without missing a beat, says "Sir, the back wall of the play field, not the back wall of the casino," and hands the dice back to me. Apparently this guy has the patience of a saint, or is a slow learner. Or both.Fortunately, I was able to get things right after that, and went on a good enough run to make everyone happy and make about $50 for myself before I passed the dice, and quickly escaped the casino before the large man I had pelted with dice decided to change his mind about the humor value of me pelting him with little red cubes.I have never been back to a craps table.Ray

  6. How's this for nostalgia?

    Hello! We are thrilled to congratulate you on finishing among FCP’s Top 1000 players to play the most real money ring game hands from Oct. 1st to Oct.15th, 2006. You have won a ticket a Protégé 2 Seat 8 Sub-Qualifier set to take place Saturday Oct. 28th at 6 PM ET. The top three players from this event will earn entry to the Seat 8 Final Qualifier, scheduled for Nov. 6th at 9 PM ET, where they will play to win a seat at the Protégé 2 Live Final table at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island , Bahamas and the chance to become Daniel Negreanu’s next Protégé.
  7. Yeah, play everyday. I wouldn't say I have gotten better but I don't think I have gotten worse. I just exist on out there in the online poker ether winning and losing at an equal rate. I don't know the password to the SB account so I use this at work. At home I am automatically signed into the SB account so I just stuck with this. People like me better on the Piddle account, it makes me seem less edgy I guess. lol
    Funny.Maybe I'll set up a $5 PS donk a thon for you, me, raiden, homnig, hitch, drbingoh, palimax and TPuP. Who else should I try for? :club: I have chrisIDMT's aim, but never see him online any more.horse of course. :PI'll try to peek around and post more often again.
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