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  1. Name a better investment for him... open year round and run right its a cash cow... plus how cool would it be to own a Golf Course
  2. Well when you say Cassidy and Bartholdi took 50% of each other in the 2006 WPT CHampionship, it sounds like Joe B put up his own 25 grand to play when in reality he put up no money.
  3. I dont care what anyone thinks but if u believe everything you read I feel bad for you. I know one of Joe B's roomate and he said that joe was put into the event they did not swap %'s it sounds better for a magazine article that they swaped but whatever take what I say with a grain of salt for all I care but I have no reason to make **** like this up. Watch the cardplayer interview of him after he wins, when I first saw it I was like wow he seems unmoved for someone who just won close to 4 mil but when I heard he was stalked into the event it made more sense.
  4. This is false Joe B was backed into the tournament by Joe C and he got more like 30% not 50%.
  5. Its not Shawn, I saw Daniel talking to Shawn before the match and Daniel asked Shawn what he shoots when he plays golf.
  6. 'And then DC says i will be here 24/7 hey dreamclown get a life. DN might go play the big game and make more than DC whole bankroll
  7. The best line was i have a life DCDreamclown needs to learn a little class who does he think he is I would love for him to put money in fulltilt and try to talk this smack to those pros. Ivey or Howard would bust him in a day.
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