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  1. It depends on the table and my mood, but in LP I will usually just bet it since this is at a 25 table the 4s are coming along for the ride
  2. Read all the stuff posted and switch that order to Pot Limit Omaha, The Action Game by Ciaffone instead of SS2
  3. Read all the stuff posted and switch that order to Pot Limit Omaha: The Action Game by Ciaffone instead of SS2
  4. You haven't invested much, just fold it. You really don't want to play a 3 way pot since one player could have 44, 24 as well, or a 2 with some overs and a low draw. Without any possibility for a real low yourself, you are begging to be quartered
  5. definately not a monster nor is it really that big. you have 3rd pair, only one flush draw (which isnt even to the nuts), and only 3 cards that are working together for straight possibilities.even if you flop a set, you may be drawing dead if your opponent has aces or kings in the hole and they flopped a set as well. similarly, queens unimproved have little showdown value, so you're pretty much looking to hit top set, a straight, or a flush to win.raising is a bad idea. you'd rather play this hand multi-way, as it isnt dominating any hands heads up (except for maybe kqjj).I think you are evalu
  6. Stack sizes? On the river it's probably check/fold with a pot this big unless you know your opponents will fold here. At the lower limits I think you will get the nut straight or bad flush redraw making a crying call too much to try a bare ace bluff. Turn looks fine to me since you are getting odds to fill.
  7. Call and reevaluate the turn. You can't fold here. If it were bet and then a raise then it's obviously a different scenario.
  8. You cannot logically be behind, reraise. The only scenario where it could be right to not reraise is if the stacks were veeeeeeeeery deep.
  9. -Muck KK trash in EP in an aggressive game. -You can play just about any TT-AA soley on top set possibilities. -Any four working cards - you seem to have left out the middle rundowns which can make some big hands 5678ds, etc-A suited ace and 3 cards to a straight - A567, A89T, etc-Smaller gappers, if you can get in cheap in LP, they can flop big draws - 689T, etc
  10. Maybe I am reading this wrong but how are you a favorite over aces? http://twodimes.net/h/?z=1360420pokenum -mc 500000 -o 6s 7s 8h 9h - ad ac 2d 3c Omaha Hi: 500000 sampled boardscards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV7s 6s 9h 8h 230117 46.02 269883 53.98 0 0.00 0.460Ac 3c Ad 2d 269883 53.98 230117 46.02 0 0.00 0.540IMO, I would call if you expect the third player to come in. Many times you will be against 2 AA hands and will have a large share of equity, other times it will be AA, and a big pair or big rundown and you will still be in great shape
  11. If you are in LP raise this up. You can then confidently get all in on a flop like that since you will almost always have teh current nuts with AJ.
  12. Check/folding top two is ridiculously weak/tight :?
  13. I would stay away from all ins preflop in Omaha if you are playing above your bankroll. Even though you are a favorite, your opponent will not usually be a huge dog, so the variance can be pretty rough, especially if they are getting to be 3+ player all ins. You should have a minimum 20 buyins for whatever level you are playing (and this is only if you are a pretty consistent winner).... 50 buyins is much more comfortable
  14. Without reads fold. Sometimes will run into a tricky player who will bet when any draw hits if they know you are on a set, but that is pretty ballsy OOP. At this level, if they say they have it, they usually do
  15. The only reason you should not go all in is if you are sure he has AA as well. If there is a chance he has anything else then you are a favorite. If you know for certain he has AA as well, then sometimes just call if you are OOP, then bet out on any flop (stop and go basically). This has the bonus of winning pots you would have tied when he folds and still losing tieing pots when he calls
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