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  1. His argument about treating each rebuy as a seperate entity was pretty interesting. That is all. EDIT: These forums seem dead! Where are all the Negreanu fanbois!
  2. *Scott sucks outZiigmund: u f fish, so badZiigmund: rail heaven rigt now fish
  3. thats pretty sick. Gus accumulates all his loses in 1.5 years.
  4. LOL 10/10 post.lol @ 10 to 0 = 11 seconds.Would have been different if Bort wanted to stack Friedman. But seemed like he wanted Prahlad to stay.
  5. they have 2614 entrants so far.. they'd need 5400+ entrants to hit 8k. Wasn't the max 2200 players a day? I'm hoping for a 10000+ player main event one year.
  6. who else is streaming this? negreanu just sucked out on the river for a 430k pot.
  7. what a troll featured table.. you've got ivey and negreanu in the field and you stream freddy deeb.
  8. do players know what the payout structure is before hand? Just wondering because there are over 240 entrants and only the top 7 get paid.EDIT: nvm they edited the page. I didn't tally up the payouts.
  9. looks like Juanda is back to his final tabling ways.
  10. awesome run by the mizrachis. I'm rooting for Juanda.
  11. ok i'll be honest, I was fishing for some laker homers lolol.I seen lots of 4-0 predictions for the lakers.
  12. Lakers are just too strong for the Suns, I'm hoping for a long shot.
  13. Anyone want to bet on the Suns vs Lakers series??I'd like to back the Suns @ 6-1 up to $50.
  14. would have been cool if ivey won. oh well life goes on.
  15. really sucks that they don't have a live feed this year... I'm surprised ESPN didn't have a pay per view for this either, the 2006 Pay per view must have not made money.
  16. shipped to bdc from raise-fifty (winnipeg)
  17. 9smy pokerstars sn is raise-fifty, ill ship it in the next coming week.
  18. I'm assuming a Live Player of the Year award which only counts live tournaments would still not satisfy you?
  19. I think it should count because the Cardplayer of the Year is trying to determine the poker player who has had the best year in poker. As others were saying, online poker is also a form of poker, which is also quite established. If you were to exclude online poker from the CPOY criteria then you are essentially making an argument that online poker is not a pure form of poker. You cannot ignore the achievement of winning the WCOOP ME or the FTOPS ME. I think to ignore these results in the Cardplayer of the Year criteria would be nuts.TBQH this will turn into a debate whether or not online poker
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