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  1. That wouldn't be a bad idea either. I just thought if you had the ability to offer two openings that you may want to give that chance to the people who were dedicated to it last time and came "oh so close". I think the final tables idea may be even better. Good idea ricker (although it doesn't look like it has a chance).
  2. Not sure if this is the best place to post this idea or not. Hoping it is. I was wondering how the wildcard selections would be chosen for the Seat #9 Qualifier?I actually had what I thought was a pretty good idea. Ok, ok, yes it would benefit me. Go figure right? Anyway, I thought it would be cool if they took last contest's ten bubblers and had them play for the 2 WC's. As I mentiond, yes I was a bubbler (frustrated nonetheless ). So what are your thoughts? I don't know if the promo team takes suggestions like this or if it is even a good idea.
  3. My guess is that....U ARE ALONE. Probably day in and day out with that personality and the lack of respect you have for individuals.
  4. If anybody wants to set up their own Private tourney for that time I'll sticky the notice of the tournament. It won't be part of the Neg O series though.I finished 3rd two weeks ago and I thought 3rd got money added to the bonus acct. I still haven't seen the money added and have emailed suppport twice with absolutely NO response.
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