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  1. Well, I"m gonna giver 'er a whirl again. I missed playing at FCP. Time to see first hand if the problems have been resolved.See ya at the tables.BBF
  2. Been gone for about a month now, thinking about redepositing. Those who have experienced disconnects in the past, how is it now?ThanksBBF
  3. I agree with the sentiments of all, that being, FCPInfo are awesome. Despite the numerous problems I've had with connections etc they have always sorted everything out.E-mail sent Bob.BBF
  4. I finally received my KEM cards that I ordered from the FCP store. I was under the impression that I would not have to pay any customs and or taxes etc. (I'm in Canada)I had to pay 10.49 to get the package. Although not a huge amount, I don't understand why I had to pay that when FCP says there should be no charges?BBF
  5. It was a horrible inconvenience......so much so that I think you guys should throw in a t-shirt or something to compensate me. Just kidding. But I wouldn't be upset at a free t-shirt either!BBF
  6. I sent an e-mail to storehelp@fullcontactpoker.com. on 1 Apr. The text of which is:Hi, username is Bigbossfan. I purchased some KEM cards backon the 22nd of march, Order #: 10720998. According to mydetails, shipping date is n/a and under track it says noshipping. Can you let me know what is going on please,Thank you.To date I have not received a response. Could FCP Info please check into this.Thanks.BBF
  7. Oh this sounds so familiar. It's a shame because I really enjoyed playing at FCP. Until they figure out there problems I won't be back. Twice during the Protege tournament, for two different seats, I got screwed because of the disconnect issues. Didn't even bother asking FCP to "make it up to me" the last time. Was fed up.BBFP.S. I'm surprised you haven't been flamed yet by the morons who say it's a user end problem (because they haven't experienced it yet, nor can they comprehend how extremely frustrating it is!)
  8. Bobonic, do a search you'll see there is a problem with connectivity. Let me guess, you were playing in a MTT?? Reason why I quit playing at FCP.BBF
  9. I agree 100%. FCP support is excellent in most instances. Any dealings I've had with them were always positive, especially involving the disconnect issues.I don't blame them for the software problems.Keep up the good work.BBF
  10. BDC, I am able to play virtually all the time without issues. However, the times that it does happen seems to always be in tournaments. Prior to your comment, perhaps you should have done a search.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...1&st=&p=entryhttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...2&hl=connectionGuess, we all have end user problems...FCP support too.
  11. Well, after numerous problems with connection issues (not an end user problem)..before the flames begin do a search and you'll understand, I now swear off FCP.Qualified for the Seat 9 tourney today. Multiple disconnect issues. But managed to stay focused between shutting down, logging back on. Lasted quite a while. The way I had to play, is go all in with any premium hands. Lucked out most of the time. Get down to 27th (or thereabouts), get 1010. Buddy in front of me goes all in. I call, he has AK and catches an Ace on the river.Just sour grapes is all. Very frustrating to play a tour
  12. Still waiting...nothing as of yet.....fcp info, can you let me know if I'm in?
  13. Nope, just a SitNGo STT.Cheers,BBF
  14. Can the FCP Info comment on why you guys have a break in a STT? I'm pretty sure this is the 1st site I've played on where you go on break after an hour in a STT. Any chance of that getting changed?BBF
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