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  1. Love me some avery, their IPA is one of my favorites for sure. Only one of the demon series I've had is the beast, their grand cru which was sweet as hell and like 15%. Too expensive but so intriguing.
  2. Dan showed up yesterday as a guest speaker for my class yesterday because my teacher is a sports writer for the Herald and is at the Olympics. It was simply amazing.He stumbles in about 10 minutes late, 9:05 class so no big deal. He looks like he just rolled out of bed with his hair completely messed up and his eyes completely red. His ability to walk to the front was limited and my friend and I argued whether he was high, hungover or both. The entire hour was hilarious, he brought up the Kornheiser situation and said how he's glad that he doesn't work for ESPN. When talking about getting clos
  3. CONGRATS GIBLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AMAZING, ENJOY THE 2.2 MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If they actually lost because of her time peeing and not good editing than that is the funniest way to get eliminated ever! Seriously how the **** can you be at the damn pit stop this late in the race and not be able to wait 5 minutes to go. Piss on yourself if you have to, god that's worse than last week. You get a rebuy after deciding you can't swim for 10 minutes in a life jacket and screw it up like this, just wow! Anyway I guess I'm rooting for Margie and Luke but it's close. The cheerleaders are too dumb to find something right next to them for 3 hours so I can't pick them. Luke annoys m
  5. God this is a frustrating game when you can't make a hand and everyone always thinks you're bluffing so you get called all the ****ing time. Even more fun when you finally make that hand and get outdrawn every single damn time. Guess stars decided instead of the cashout curse to go with the bonus curse, making sure I lost a lot more than that damn 250 and can never get into a milestone hand. If anyone can tell me how to post a graph I'd do it but I'm so inept and tilted bah. I still love this game but it blows to lose all of this months profits and then some. Thank god for fpps and booze I gue
  6. Last year I got to supernova mid December because I was tilting too much which made me take off a lot of time throughout the year so I wouldn't blow more money. I ended in the black but am much more focused this year. I haven't played anything besides lo8 at my standard limits, except for the vip tourneys which I hate but give me a great reason to play on saturday which is good for me to get more fpps. I play as many tables as possible and so far this year I'm averaging a little above 300 vpps an hour. I put in just under 70 hours in January but will prob cut back a bit due to school. Today I
  7. I'll have to take your word for it, I put in decently long sessions and play as many tables as possible so I don't really notice if a table is super nitty unless it's the biggest limit I'm playing. FPPs are a huge plus which is why I won't sit lower than .5/1 and don't get as many as I'd like there but being supernova helps a lot. I usually put in a session like 2-6 pm EST and then somewhere between 8 pm and 1 am and the games are much softer at night usually. I think after that it gets tighter at the times you play. I notice when you sit down and could easily chat but figure we've both got mo
  8. I think the games were nuts at the beginning of the year and was shocked and delighted to see so much running. Now I feel like it's back where I'm used too and still very soft. I think most of the regs are pretty bad and anyone who shows their supernova thing just makes money on fpps. Games are still quite beatable upto 3/6 and probably higher I just haven't played them in a while. Just remember that there is variance in this game, even if it's less than holdem you still can get beat by those morons, but they give it back and then a lot more. What time do you typically play? There are def time
  9. Yeah I couldn't resist taking the seat on your left, you're a megafish to me running -30.88bb/100 over the 17 hands you played before you left! I should be napping instead of playing sessions at the time but the tables looked too damn juicy. Why waste your time for silverstar the few extra fpps mean nothing. But I know how stars ropes you into this shit, I might actually be dumb enough to try and retain nova for the year by getting there in 6 months meh
  10. You better stay at .5/1 or better yet move back down to .25/.5, these games are unbeatable I say, unbeatable! I don't need competent players at my tables, especially with your ugly avatar.
  11. I just finished up a session and noticed that my fpps ended with .50 which I've never seen. I read that they were going to try and add these this year but had no idea it would be this soon. Anyone have any other info? There's nothing new on the website yet. Hopefully adds value and makes it easier to get back to supernova!
  12. I have to ask which of the 3 magic hats do you prefer? the IPA (lucky kat), pale ale ( #9) or the winter ale (Roxy Rolles)? One of my favorite breweries for sure!
  13. Willing to take the bears -4.5 for upto 50, any takers?
  14. I just signed up, how do we create a new room? Anywhere from 5 to 25 bucks works for me
  15. Awesome, I needed another thing to degen up my life! Anyone wanna play for 5-25 now?
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