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  1. Your amazing at reading into a two word sentence.
  2. Dude, you ***** about alot of other peoples posts.
  3. I live about 1-1/2 hrs from TS and never play there. I see better play at the home games I frequent, without a rake. Otherwise its a crapshoot.
  4. HAHA! The amount of time it took to type out that post probably would have = the time it would have taken him to do the work.
  5. I give away a very large retailers money. Pretty much the only respectable job in the place!!
  6. Thanks alot for the read. Very very cool!!
  7. Dude, you got busted doing that and still have a job???You must have a cool boss....you know, minus the pooping himself thing.
  8. Hey hey other Todd. I posted your site on a small poker site Im a moderator on too. Hope it works out or you!
  9. Flush gets my vote! Seriously..........DAMN! That girl should be famous!
  10. It is. In.....then out........then in......then out.......
  11. Maybe the OP is a tool, BUT UncleHoot is on to something. I would guess that this thing(FCP) some of you guys love would like to get bigger and BETTER. Its hard when there are constant flame posts, or when someone who has a few thousand posts gets pissed because someone makes a post about something that was on the forum 1 or 2 weeks ago. (I think I just won the longest runon sentence now). SOME flames are warranted, and SOME attacks are warranted when someone post something exactly the same as another thread. Hell I attacked myself the other day for not searching before I posted something.The
  12. I had to run over to my favorite Brittney forums too because K-fed was on it also! Im on the east coast and its still on. Shes still in the mob too.
  13. What the title says. Shes part of the "mob" on 1 vs. 100.
  14. Great...........Awesome post Toddkrit........hmmmm this video + the fact its already been post = stupid stupid stupid toddkritsorry folks
  15. http://upstatenypoker.com/files/Posting.swf <-----CLICK THIS!!Wait for it.........Wait for it........Waaaaaait..........Now laugh!
  16. ROTFLMAO!!! How did you make that?? Anyway you can send it to me so I could change the name and send it to someone else. hahaha I actually fell of my couch!!!
  17. Is there rakeback for FCP?
  18. How hard is it to clear the FCP bonus? And is there rakeback for the site somewhere?
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