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  1. Live poker IS rigged:In a live tourney yesterday all pretty close to each other-I saw 2 guys get it all in preflop. Both had aces. 2nd guy hit a flush on the river. Then.Preflop AK off pushes. AA calls. AK hits boat on the river.Board of QJ8 rainbow. Player pushes. Other players goes into tank. Finally says, I think you have a mid pair and draw and makes the call with KJ. Other player turns over 9`s and says "How the hell did you make that call" then mumbled "nice call". 9 on the river. Pretty funny run of events, except I was on the losing end of the last 2 hands. :club:

  2. I wouldn't consider it a "deepstack tournament" since the blinds start at $100/$200 with $30k in chips. This is like playing with $7500 in chips and having the blinds start at $25/$50. Your starting stack is still 150x the big blind so there's no need to play big pots without a big hand for the first several levels.
    I guess they are considering it a deep stack because of the long blinds. I guess its not technically a deep stack. Im more used to 20 or 25 minute blinds.
  3. I have a live game tomorrow with 18 other people. Ive never really played a deep stack tourney before, so any suggestions are appreciated GREATLY. Here is the blind structure. $110 Buy in Event Starting Chips: 30000; 45 Minute Rounds1 PM Start time Saturday 2/24/071. 100/200 (1:45)2. 200/400 (2:30)Break 5 Minutes (2:35)3. 300/600 (3:20)4. 400/800 (4:05)Break 30 Minutes for dinner (4:35)5. 500/1000 (5:20)6. 600/1200 (6:05)Break 5 Minutes (6:10)7. 800/1600 (6:55)8. 1000/2000 (7:40)Break 10 Minutes; Color Up $100 Chips (7:50)9. 1500/3000 (8:35)10. 2000/4000 (9:20)Break 10 Minutes Color up $500 Chips (9:30)11. 3000/6000 (10:15)12. 4000/8000 (11:00)End of Day OneIf at this time there are people left, the game will resume the next day.13. 5000/1000014. 6000/12000Break 5 Minutes15. 8000/1600016. 10000/20000Break 5 Minutes17. 12000/2400018. 15000/30000Break 5 Minutes, Blinds increase 20k/40k, 25k/50k……

  4. A strong six pack would form. Obviously you don't know what the tribes would look like, but if there was a choice this power six would make it to the end:IveyEDOGMeJuandaJenn Evelyn At six, I would talk to Jenn, Ev, and Juanda about forming a foursome and getting rid of Ivey first, and than E-DOG next. Final four would be me, Jenn, Juanda, and Ev. If Juanda didn't win immunity, it would be me and the two girls. At that point, if Ev won immunity, or even Jenn for that matter, they'd lilkely take me since I may have pissed a few people off along the way. Since Ev is a little stronger in the 3 way challenge, I figure she wins it and takes me. Then she beats me in the vote.
    Why go with Ivey first. Dont you think E-Dog would have a better chance at individual immunity?? Then you would have to get rid of one of your final 4 before him.
  5. This is the best book you could ever give a rookie. I am not a fan of the Poker Brat, but this book made a huge difference in my ability to be a winning player. I have read S&M and followed poker forums back when online poker was IRC and the ONLY forum was Rec.gambling.poker, but having 10 starting hands that I could actually remember instead of 8 catagories of hands that I still haven't memorize, gave me solid base that I could go out and employ. Then I could change this or add an idea to my game and figure out how to use position and or work pot odds, implied pot odds and implied TILT odds into my game. Being able to gradually add to a game that was basically sound helped me more than anything.It is a great place for anyone to start and by using a very simple tight hand selection it allows you to see the affect of other tactics as you add them to your game. It is absolutely the most simplistic approach out there, but it gives you a way to start out way above the rest of the pack and then adds layers to your thinking.
  6. i really liked Hellmuths book "Play poker like the pros." I still reread it from time to time.
    I havent read this in years, but, I have to say this is what did it for me. I was just learning NL and went to the library to see if they had anything about it. There was Play poker like the pros. I had NO CLUE who Hellmuth was at the time (probably wouldnt have picked it up!). After I read it and applied some of the knowledge, I started winning quite a few low limit ($15 buy in) tournies. Once I started to do that people started to want to "talk" poker with me. This, and just watching the game, is where I started to understand the game more. It was a huge jumpstart. Alot of the players that I still play once and a while with from back then are still stuck in the stone ages of poker understanding. I think that initial boost helped me alot.
  7. You know what would make me feel "beter" is if you knew how to spell. I don't understand how anyone could possibly take anything you post seriously. I see your posts, and immediately think of a four year old. Somehow, I don't think that's far off, considering you posted that you dropped out of school AT AGE 16. I realize that you hear that people like DN dropped out and became successful, but from your posts, I'm glad I can't hear you speak. You just seem like a lost young kid who feels like a failure, and has decided that having delusions of grandeur is a better way to live your life.It's quite sad, really. Entertaining like you wouldn't believe, but sad none-the-less. Post here when you go broke. kthx.Can I summon a level 283 ban request from a mod please?
    Bad boys bad boysWhatcha gonna doWhatcha gonna do when the poker police come for you?
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