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  1. looks like dn ended the session up 67k.
  2. Dr. zoidberg2 won the party 250k 2 weeks in a row...both 1800 player tourneys back in march or april.
  3. 14.6k . Finished 6th in the Party Poker Quarter Million couple months back.
  4. You are right. He is a 1 hit wonder. He is tied for the most bracelets in WSOP history, most final tables made in the WSOP, and the most cashes ever in the WSOP. He sucks.
  5. Yes, a queen is really going to help improve AK on the river she might be priced in to call with A high. Sounds like a Danny Nguyen move to me.
  6. On the flop he has the best possible hand, but altogether his opponents like you said have 16 collective outs and he has no redraws. With no possible redraws it simply takes 14 outs for your opponent to be a slight favorite against you on the flop. So yes he is behind on the flop, but if he dodges a blank on the turn then he becomes the favorite...about a 3:2 favorite.
  7. You definitely have to call here, but I would also argue for a raise here. If you are going to call your opponent down you can argue that putting in the 2 bets on the turn may be a good play. You have position and if your opponent smooth calls he will most likely check to you on the river where you can check it down or bet if you improve.
  8. Depends on how much the opponent had left. If it was a reasonable amount I'd call because I don't have to be right too often for calling here to be correct, but a big enough bet I could fold this. Not to beat up your play or nothing, but your preflop raise was waaaaay too small. You've got 5x limpers + the blinds which puts the pot at $20 and you raise to 18... I know you want to get action on your aces, but you have to make a raise here of about 4xbb + limpers or about $25-30.
  9. t


    prahlad friedman
  10. tell us how you really feel. Anyways, I can't wait til you bring Barry back to reality...when are your matches going to be scheduled for?
  11. I dunno, but I once had it happen with 4 people left in an SNG. I was the chip leader and 2 short stacks go all in, I look down at JJ and go all in and the 2nd largest stack goes all in with QQ. It was QQ vs JJ vs 88 vs 66. 88 and QQ hit sets and I runner runner for straight and knock everyone out.
  12. i played on there for the first 2 weeks and showed a pretty nice profit once I could 3 table + the bonuses, but the games were not soft at all. I could easily 2 or 3 table at Party and make just as much if not more with less variance.
  13. That's why he was down to less than 25k on the first day and now is one of the chip leaders.
  14. Welp if a blank hits the river here I would normally bet out about 2/3 of the pot maybe a bit more, but in this case it will be different since I'm short stacked . This size bet would be giving the person approximately 2.5:1 on his money to call here which is the approximate chance that I am holding an A-rag vs JT (39:16). On the river with a smooth call lets look at 2 cases. First off both players called on the turn and second the person in mp1 folds on the turn. In case 1 there will be 16000 in the pot and Suited would have about 13.5 left. Moving all in here would be ok if a blank woul
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