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  1. *muses* ... There must have been a pool of stagnant water somewhere nearby...
  2. I enjoy having beggars on the rail as much as I enjoy mosquitoes in my tent. They're persistent and annoying as hell.Besides, they don't have any money to lose anyway.
  3. I was about to reply, "no pic, no money" but then I read the second part of the chat.I honestly think you should just notify Full Tilt about the multi-accounter and have them take care of the cheater.
  4. You probably wouldn't make a good Mod then...(j/k)
  5. a) We *could* do that. Orb) You could just disable emoticons when posting in a post which uses a list.
  6. It's actually quite annoying, because it's the only casino that I've heard of which has 3/6 NLHE... And to make it worse, they also have 3/6 LHE and 3/6 LHE w/ full kill (I omitted those in my first post to avoid confusion). As a plus, I've played at the 3/6 NLHE table before and had some 3/6 LHE players accidentally sit (and donate) at our table.
  7. You were most likely playing at a game which had a must-move rule. In those cases, there is a main game together with a couple of feeder tables.For example, suppose there are three tables of the game running. There is a main table, a feeder table #1, and feeder table #2. The new players (always) get seated at the second feeder table and are put on the bottom of the must-move priority list. Once there is an open spot at the first feeder table, the player who is highest on the must-move priority list who is still seated at feeder table #2 gets moved to fill the vacancy. Similarly, once ther
  8. Yeah, but since she didn't kill herself by jumping into a grease fire, I suspect that she didn't actually look to 2+2 for a final live/die decision.
  9. I was eating these while reading the thread:No beer though
  10. We were chatting over Skype at the time and Fluff was trying to jinx Delved. Much fun was had by all.
  11. Rumour has it, Mark is traveling to Japan to try out in one of those extreme elimination challenge game shows...
  12. LOOOOLWhat about having the 2008 FCP POY match up against the 2009 FCP POY? Harrison Gimbel versus Justin Filtz?
  13. Congrats Gatorman!Do alligators eat ponies?
  14. People who don't have Masters degrees are idiots. Some of *those* people may claim to be just as smart as us people with higher degrees, but I just don't buy that and I never, ever will. They may have the potential to be just as smart, but unless they actually enroll in a graduate program there is no way to know if they'd be smart enough to earn that degree. If a person WAS smart enough to earn a Masters degree but still chose to keep his corporate job and not go back to university, that says a lot about the type of person he is.
  15. With the pic in your sig, I'm surprised you have to ask: in their sandals, obviously.
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