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  1. Thankfully, you only have to face the Royal Flush once a month.
  2. It's an extension of this well-known poker concept: Two pair beats trips. Basically, everyone in poker knows that a pair in the hole is better than two unpaired cards in the hole. To that end, if there is a pair on the board (like [7 7 8] flop) then the person holding an over pair (like [K K]) has a better hand than a person holding one of the two remaining 7's (like [6 7]). This is to make up for the fact that nobody enjoys getting their over pair cracked by unpaired junk hands.A newly adopted rule extends this to quads versus full houses. In this case, the person with the pair in their h
  3. An honest reply for the OP: Gamblers anonymousSeriously, if times have been unkind, there is no shame in getting some support from some people who are going through (or have gone through) what you are going through right now. You will not get any sympathy by "stirring the pot" on a poker forum, so if you were posting a legitimate opinion, then I suggest hitting up the GA link for support. Otherwise, buckle your seat belt, because you're in for a helluva ride here.Note: I'm offended that Firefox didn't think 'helluva' was misspelled. Damn slang creeping into our spell checkers...
  4. Mine was simple and to the point:ace
  5. I like this post the best. If anyone actually wins, it should be Janfor99
  6. I redacted my post because I realized after the fact that these were private tournies where everyone involved was a part of one of the teams. At first my post was under the assumption that these team challenges were taking place in public tournies where at least one player (and most likely the majority) would be in the tournament on their own accord and would be unaware of any team competition going on in the tournament.
  7. That's funny, because in the instructions from the link JSpencer posted, it says: How do they set it up to allow you to transfer chips from one teammate to another?
  8. Merby

    The Blender

    You gotta commend him on being persistent. Here's all 5 of his posts.
  9. Just to clarify Fargo's post, we actually hate pokernews but it has exclusive rights to up-to-the-minute reporting at the WSOP. All other sites can give hourly updates disguised as live reporting.
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    Join the clubman.
  11. Well, that was fun. Back to the status quo here.
  12. That youtube video is hilarious to watch. The guy is completely out of it; his brain is shutting down.
  13. Rock on!I'm glad I made it such an epic post for the last one.
  14. I wonder if I got the last post in the C-Thread...
  15. You're the person to ask questions in general: I hear that you know your shit.Kurt may know if you don't: I hear he's somewhat of an expert on things.
  16. I predict that this thread will be popular for the next 12 hours or so...
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    I'm in the top 200 (barely... 198th)Woo hoo!
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