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  1. I agree that leading into them is also a good play (it's hard to play poorly against such weak players). Nevertheless, I prefer the check-raise: it will trap more money in the pot, so in the long run you are scooping bigger pots when they aren't getting the odds to call.Since they don't care about the odds, the ideal play is to trap as much of their money as possible in the pot when the pot odds don't justify the call. Obviously if the amount is so much that losing the pot will seriously affect your bankroll, then the lead-out bet on the flop will keep the pot smaller, hence losing the pot
  2. Who said it worked out well for me??? You didn't hear it out of my mouth. I had to trust my read w/ these two players in the pot though, I absolutely knew one of them would bet it. There was close to zero chance it would get checked around. I'd been at this table for a couple of hours, and these two were VERY predictible.I do.Don't be results oriented. Based on your read of your opponents, you managed to get all your money in the pot as a probable huge favourite. If you lost to a flush draw (or a straight draw), he just happened to draw out on you. If you lost to a set, then you were un
  3. I think this is too high for most players. I feel that I play a large number of hands and I am seeing 35% only on a very good run of cards. For most people to be comfortable, I think they should be seeing 20-25% until they become more comfortable taking flops.I agree completely. Play fewer than 30% of your hands.
  4. I strongly recommend starting out folding 80-85% of your starting hands. Once you start getting comfortable with NLHE, you can begin to expand your starting hand requirements.While you are starting out and getting used to NLHE, I cannot stress enough that playing tight but aggressive is the best way to get a feel for the game. Once you are more comfortable with how NLHE is played, then you can choose to optimize your TAG play, or try to switch to a more LAG style.Until you know the nuances of NLHE, LAG (and especially loose, passive) is the fastest way to bust out (I am talking from personal
  5. Second hand: Set over set happens so rarely, you really can't "predict"it. You hit a set of sevens, and were just unlucky to run into a larger set. With all the draws on that flop, I also go broke here. I don't know the play or the players, but I assume J9 or 69 is unlikely. Therefore, you are defending against straight draws and flush draws and hoping to catch top pair/overpair/two pair to pay you off nicely.First Hand: You played it well. Your bet on the turn gave him the wrong price to call with a flush draw. Hence, his call was a mistake and you just got unlucky. Personally, I play t
  6. I read the onriginal post... got confused and reread the post.Just to be sure, I read it a third time as well as a selection of some of the OP's responses to comments.Since you have posted this in NLHE strat section, I will give you advice:Your choosing to not reraise pre-flop made things more complicated. I would have reraised, myself, but I understand the motivation behind setting the trap. Just don't complain when the trap catches you and not your opponent.You did, however make one big mistake in this hand: you mis-posted this in the NLHE strat section and not the Bad Beat forum.
  7. im happy to hear that- i have m share of 2+2 and your general strategy holdem books (SSHE, Holdem for advanced players, TTOP, both Harringtons etc...) so it will be nice to read something on a different perspective of poker.Yeah, me too. I've probably read ten books or so on poker "strategy". Poker "mindset" hasn't been covered in many of the books I've read, and am looking forward to Greenstain's take on it.Cheers,MErby
  8. I maust admit, you're quick and witty! Welcome!
  9. Are you part of the Freedom thirty-five crew?
  10. I fell off my chair laughing at this quote."could I have a roulette special with extra red and a side of blackjack -- hold the bust cards -- to go please"
  11. Come play:- 10/20 LHE (and possibly 1/2 NLHE if there's enough interest) at the Great Canadian Casino, Broadway this Wednesday or Friday, (I will be there :-) )- 1/2 NLHE at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam possibly this Saturday (or other Saturdays, I will be there if I don't have other plans)Sadly I live too far away from River Rock to go there regularly. Also sadly, I don't know any non-casino locations yet, as I just moved to Vancouver a couple of months ago.If you can stop by, say hi!Cheers,Merby
  12. Stack sizes would help. I gather the LAG player had ~350 chips at the start of the hand, but how much did you have?I presume the turn was a blank -- what was it: a club (increasing your outs), a diamond (hitting a possible flush), or a total brick?
  13. Thanks Steve. I haven't read Barry Greenstein's book yet -- I will pick it up and read it. Cheers,Merby
  14. Wow, great post, DrawingDead. I'm sorry that it took me so long to find this thread --perhaps I should start occassionally checking out off topic.I can totally relate to what you're going through (yes, even at this crazy hour...) I am 26 and have just started my Ph.D. in mathematics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Sounds great... except I am quite certain I don't want to be a math professor. I am fortunate to have always done well at school, hence could go to whatever university I wanted and studied whatever I wanted to study... The problem was, I never knew what I wanted
  15. Good post with a lot of good points. My question to you, however, is how on earth are you so coherent at such an unreasonable hour? Nobody in their right mind would be up this late (early...)I am currently not in my right mind: I'm pulling an all-nighter of work that needs to be done by Monday... even though I spent most of the weekend playing poker... It seems I should take your advice to heart.Bankroll leaks I have fixed(1) I know I am a good (i.e. profitable) cash games player but a losing tournement player. Hence, I spend the majority of my time playing cash games, and only risk a smal
  16. With the antes so small relative to your stack size, you can wait for a better spot. Remember, you may be the short stack with 1400 chips, but that is still 70 times the current ante: you have plenty of time to play. Since you have so many chips relative to the antes, I am slightly more in favour of folding and waiting for a better spot. Nevertheless, I don't mind if you choose to play this hand: when three-handed, A9 is a big hand (but not a huge hand...)If you do choose to play this hand, should you raise or call? Position is important here. If you have position on him after the flop a
  17. Stack sizes are of vital importance for me to properly answer this question. If the stacks are not too deep, I don't like this call: he is risking too much to try and hit a set, no value here.If, however both of you have $300 or more, I really like this play. In fact, I would make this call in a heartbeat with a small pair or small suited connectors from the button especially if I put you on a big hand (big pair or AK).Why?I have position on you and know you hold a huge hand. I know personally I will not commit any more chips unless I catch a huge flop (i.e. I'm looking for a set for my sm
  18. The key point here is that you are against TWO opponents here. The chances are too great that you are behind. What hands would move in here? 1) Flush draw 2) made straight 3) overpair 4) set I can only see villian B having the flush draw: he is last to act, so his raise might give him a free river if he misses on the turn, this is a common spot for the semi-bluff.Villian A on the other hand is the short stack of you three and is first to act. He chooses to check the flop, sees a 2/3 pot bet from the pre-flop raiser (possibly a continuation bet from AK...) but then sees a last position larg
  19. You've made some good points about people playing their first hand at a table... It's definitely some food for thought, and you have swayed me to the "fold" camp.Good read and good laydown.Cheers,MErby
  20. I strongly disagree. For me, there is nothing no brainer about this call. Based on the way this hand played out, I think the most likely holding for the opponent is a flush, in which case we are drawing dead. The second most likely hand is a set, in which case we are drawing to two outs. I will acknoledge that the button may be holding top pair/flush draw or over pair/flush draw below kings (such as A J or Q Q ), I think this is unlikely as the the turn play seems odd for these holdings (although still possible for some opponents).In any case, in my opinion, we are drawing dead or dra
  21. Even if it WAS high/low it's still an easy PF fold. (imho)In this case, there's not even a question.What kind of flop can you even HOPE for with a hand like this?The only flops I'd be remotely confident with would look something like the following...3 3 X8 8 8 4 4 4 Your flush draws are crap, and any straight you might catchwill only be trouble with no re-draws.Why play a hand like this when not in the blinds?You forgot the infamous A 2 5(rainbow) flop. Since there a 74% chance that those cards will flop, you must raise here. (sw) Fold here in PLO or O8b pre-flopCheers,Merby
  22. You guys all got i twrong: The correct play is not the 1/2 pot continuation bet on the flop , nor is it the check/push play that David_Nicoson chose to play...In this case, the necessary play is...Open-Farrelling the flop, before the villian has a chance to put you on a hand. (sw)I more likely would've continuation bet 1/2 pot looking to reraise, but knowing that I am behind if the villian raises me. Nevertheless, I like your check/push play, it plays well to your current table image.Cheers,Merby
  23. I don't want to say too much before I get more replies, but, the board pairing on Hand 1 had something to do with it. So I figured, but you didn't put anything in your post that would lead us to believe you were up against a set or aces up. I imagine you had a read on an opponent, indicating strength. If so, good read. Just to carify my original comments, I would not check/fold here unless I had a read indicating an opponent just filled up.Cheers,Merby
  24. The math's very close, but, the fact is, you in this situation, you likely stack a set, and get a good hunk out of two pair's stack too. That adds up to more than most anything else.Actually... I think I stack TPTK or better: remember the villian is weak and tends to have difficulty laying down in such situations... I think he would feel pot-committed with AK (especially since I am sure he puts me on the flush draw and not the straight draw)Cheers,Merby
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