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  1. By your logic DN can never avoid going broke when he flops set under set and yet he frequently has. He's also put supernatural reads on opponents and laid down the 2nd nuts even when the nuts was a highly unlikely holding. Asserting that there is "no way" DN doesn't go broke here, and anyone disagreeing is wrong is just making yourself look like an idiot. Who made you God? And yes, there are of course meta-game considerations between Gus and DN of which we both know nothing which means that sometimes he must call such reraise allins with little.You, like everyone else, have completely failed t
  2. I'm a massive DN fan!! And he is good enough not to go broke here [or not double up Gus] when playing his A-game. That's how good I think he is - and why I think he made an error here on river.
  3. No .... why am I bothering .... oh force myself ... Gus didnt play like a donkey. Of course he thinks his 55 is probably good on the 9 6 5 flop but I guarantee he was fully aware of the possibility of DN having 66 or more likely 99. But he isnt losing all his money on the hand.Your love of DN is blinding you to the fact that he called allin with the 4th nuts and, surprise, surprise was shown a better hand. The fact it was quads is irrelevant. He's losing to 99 and 88 as well. And what's his argument for not putting on Gus on 99 or 55. He wouldnt check river when he's put DN on an overpair. But
  4. I believe that Daniel, in his heart of hearts, knows he played that hand like a donkey and will admit it at some point in the future. His comment about Hansen thinking he has an overpair on river makes about as much sense as MikeyMcD pushing allin because "I dont think you've got the spades". Board is 9 6 5 5 8 and Hansen is putting Danny on an overpair? Yeah right.
  5. I think the Hansen 55 hand was horrible. Calling allin with 66 on a 9 6 5 5 8 board? You're beaten by 99 and 88 as well as 55. Danny still seemed fixated on the idea that Hansen was putting him on an overpair - even on river! Give Gus some respect here! Why can't he put Danny on a boat and trap him?
  6. It's pretty cool apart from this Negreanu guy hanging around. Can't we ditch him? I'd like us to be associated with a really cool player like that Phil Hellmuth.
  7. Frighteningly, he DOES. But he can lose the $500K and even a donk like him has a 25% of winning a heads-up match. So it makes good sense for him to play as if he flukes a win it buys him poker credibility which is what he so desperately craves.
  8. There is one reason to go allin on the turn if the Q comes.... you might make AT fold if you could convince him you had AQ. As you say, only 3 hands beat you. You are never going to make AA or now AQ laydown but look at it from Farha's point of view: He almost certainly puts you on an Ace and given your re-raise pre-flop quite probably AK or AQ. The Q is a real sickener for AT and if the "amateur" looks particularly jubliant at the Q then a laydown is possible.
  9. If you're trying to exploit your table image whats the point of a min-raise under the gun. Youre pricing in anything reasonable in the BB. And now you're donking off a decent stack with a pair. He must consider the possibility you have a big hand like AA or KK and he's still check-raising you and re-raising. You keep raising "for information", the info comes back that he's got a monster, but you're not listening.
  10. I don't like raising the turn bet. Are you going to make a better hand than yours fold? No.So how does raising get a showdown at the same price? It can only cost the same or more.
  11. Yes but he rated 30 or so top players into 3 categories, including himself in very highest. His pedigree as a player doesnt withstand much scrutiny compared to some players he relegated to the 2nd or 3rd category, or left out completely. He seems to have lost objectivity over how good he really is.On a similar note I encountered "QuietLion" in a $10 rebuy on Stars recently when he made the most ridiculous uber-donkey move imaginable and busted out. He's a Microsoft zillionaire who now travels the world poker tour on his own coin. I just wonder how he maintains the self-delusion that he can pla
  12. I call in a pico-second. Why would anyone NOT call???
  13. We could have guessed that one!But thanks, very good list. During the World Online Series at Stars someone well-connected told me Regency was Ivey.
  14. Aren't you overlooking the rather obvious fact that Famke Janssen is one of the hottest women on the planet?Anyway why hasnt there been a sequel??? It's so easy. Mike is now living in LV grinding out a good living. He decides to play in the big one at the WSOP series, Worm flies down for the side action and predictably nearly gets them both killed. The rest of the Chesterfield crew get to reprise their roles.Oh and this time Mike gets Famke and there are plenty of nude shots of her in bed with him ... all tastefully done of course.
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