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  1. Not experience, I'm working on them myself, found out the hard way about NOT rebuying with a decent stack. For the record, I hated them too, but there are a couple I feel I'm competitive in that pay nicely. Some pointers I've come across:From PP website: If re-buys are only allowed if you're busted, I recommend not re-buying unless you feel you have a definite edge. Otherwise: Re-buy before the game, giving you a double stack or as soon as possible. This gives you significant leverage over those players who do not re-buyADD-ON: There are times when it is not cost effective to add-on, and they
  2. I fold here and take the small payday. At 6100 and 24th of 33, this is probably the last hand before the money. After 2 to 3 hours I want to see something, even if it is just a free buyin to the next. Some will say this is very weak play and will not get you a final table. True. At this stage in this tournament, I'd say your not making the final table anyway. Top 10 by now have 30-40x your stack. By now they've made a habit of calling all-ins with almost any 2 and catching. To me its not worth it. I make the final table another tourney....maybe using the buyin I got from this one~
  3. In my opinion, its borders on the unethical. Announcing intentions out of turn isn't part of the deception. I agree with what smash called it. ..I would think a good manager would want to get a handle on this before it caused real issues. The benefits of online~
  4. I didn't see where to put the deposit code either. The code is in the last two issues of cardplayer. I know that fulltilts bonus expired on me before I could collect the whole thing. So I'm kind of holding off till it seems like they pickup.
  5. Wow, seems as if I've run into a few portlanders online lately. Ran into one that lives 3 blocks away at pokerroom. I live one block away from PSU campus. I've only been to la centre once. Made $200 on one of the holdem tables. I was really catching cards though, so can't really say it was becuase of weak competition.The links below supposedly list games in/around portland. Other than just a quick look through, I've not really looked into it. Seems like it has useful info though. Erikhttp://poker.meetup.com/127/about/http://pdx-poker.tripod.com/
  6. Don't know the table or the site. "Who's up for all in on the first hand?"You'll get some that agree. I say this alot, but never do it. Once I did and got KK in early position. What the hey....I'll shoot KK. Out of all that agreed, there was one that held to the agreement. I admire that he's such a man of his word. He played 83. He won. 8 filled a straight for him. Aside from totally useless strategies like the above, I usually use much of the same thats already been mentioned plus, I don't chat. At all. I didn't intend to use it as strategy, I just didn't feel like chatting. After aw
  7. It makes me do all of the above. If I'm a big stack, it makes me laughIf I'm a medium stack, it drives me nutsIf I'm the very short stack, It makes me not really care about the big stacks for the moment
  8. When I'm 2nd place in this position, that kind of annoys me too.
  9. I'm a pokerroom regular as well. Been there about 2 years. Overall, it is my favorite site. Part of the reason for that is I win there more than any other, so keep that in mind. I personally like the interface. (I use the download version). Its not the "best" out there, but it works for me. I have never had a problem cashing out. I don't even feel superstitious about the "cashout curse". One time I had a cashout from pokerroom that was declined by neteller. I called pokerroom support and it was fixed in less than two hours. So maybe I had a cashout delay, but not a problem. Downtime: N
  10. I knew there were some SNG fans out there. Nice to run into you guys! My game of choice as well. I started at the 5 & 10's about a year ago. I can still remember trying to squeeze in that first win! If this forum were open when that happened I probably would've posted it in 3 differant threads. (hopefully when I win my first multi I won't do that to you guys). My stats were similiar to one already posted: 47% win with 25% 1st. (Whats up with the 47%)? If it can't be 1st, its those seconds that get you ahead. I view 3rd as a rebuy with a small loss. Somedays though, you gotta take wha
  11. I checked thier web address - support. Down for maintenance
  12. Its got to be somewhat relative to tolerance. Never really having developed a tolerance for it, I havent' found any type of activity that weed enhances my performance at except demolishing munchies.Alcohol and serious gaming is just begging for it. To a certain point I want em at my table.Don't know about meth, but from what I've read about it says under the influence the user excels at repetitive tasks, but struggles to learn new concepts.Cocaine is actually probably the only one that would increase ones performance and awareness. In the short run. Long term EV is terrible.
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