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  1. No, not BS post. And yes I did put in that much with a single pair, and I agree that was super donkish, but it looked to me that he was upset with me for running over the table and was wanting to put a stop to it so I went with it. I am away from my main computer for a while, but I will try to find the hand history when I get back.Again though, do you get "timid" or "defensive" when you see so many "monster" type hands in a short time? Or do you just keep pushing them hard?
  2. So true. But there I was feeling unbeatable and got schooled. As someone said "lesson learned" . This has to be my biggest leak. Going too much on a rush and then getting busted. It seems whenever I am up big 3,4,5x+ or more buyin I end up bust. Over confidence. The huge overbet by the other said to me "dont mess with this table it is mine and you will not run it over"Again, lesson learned... expensive lesson learned.Funny thing is I rebought right away and didt get a hand (perhaps now scared) for over and hour, and left the table down the 200 first buying as well as antoher 90ish. s
  3. Sorry I hope I didnt make my post to be a flame. Like DD said you are in with best hand. IMO there is nothing to doubt here, you made the right play and got outdrawn. My life story .
  4. you wrote Flop - J 2 6 (2 diamonds) Pot ~$10 We lose a few, and only myself, player A and B remain.It is hard to give advice. there is no info here. did you bet, did someone else bet? who raised etc...?
  5. you are both right, and I know it, but when you get a rush of cards like that, and are taking down large pots, I have a hard time thinking that - either they are upset with me and are gonna look me up (which is what I want)- or have a real hand (which is what I dont want). Guess I tried to hard to push my rush and thinking I was (at the time) unbeateable. The question wasnt really to do about the hand, just when do you slow down on your rush? Do you keep pushing or start to try to trap ?
  6. 200nl1st hand AA raise 2 callers leads to show down and I win nice pot2nd hand KK raise 1 caller leads to showdown and win another nice pot3rd hand fold4th hand 10/10 raise hit set one flop bust caller5th hand KK raise 1 call - Person bets min on a rag flop and I re-raise all-in and bust the JJ6th hand QQ (by now Im up about 1.5k) raise and win blinds7th hand AA again (now I feeling invincable and raise it up 6x BB) called by big stack who had me covered. Flop J83. I bet he put me all in I call and bust out to his J3. Overplaying rush or do you go with it? Is there a time when you just
  7. Thing is you say you just sat down at the table; so what exactly are you trying to "mix up' ? You have no reads on them, they have no reads on you. If you were at the table for a while against the same players I could/would agree with mixing up your play, but all you are doing is mixing yourself up, not the players at the table.I think that makes sense. Personally though Im probably folding this preflop or at least folding to the 4x bb raise here. (Sure he could be making a move here but KQsuited is really a vunerable hand to a raise. After that though, come river time I make the crying c
  8. This has been floating around for a while, think there is any truth involved or just a story for snopes?http://forums-beta.sportingnews.com/viewto...ic.php?p=257255http://www.thevancouverite.com/vancouver_n...umors/index.phphttp://forum.deviantart.com/entertainment/.../sports/543874/Any thread on "official type" hockey sites about this are immediatly locked/deleted, and talk radio hosts hang up on anyone who comes close to this subject. From mid december till now this rumour has really been picking up steam. Think there is any truth to it?
  9. care to post a couple of specific reasons?That's what I'm kind of looking forIm quite sure you can "demo" for 1k hands. Demo it and you will discover the reasons yourself.
  10. DN start with 100kDC start wtih 50know it is about 120k DN - 30k DC
  11. I agree.You calling, instead of raising, is..wow. Either brilliance, or exceptionally weak/tight./agree
  12. I'm not saying I'm right. I was just suprised to see that most people were in favor of calling. TJ and DrawinDead, who I think are very good both believed that calling was the right move, so I'm trying to understand why.I never meant any disrespect from Dead or TJ but I believe what you said was correct and I put my reasons. I would also like to hear the explaination as to why they feel that calling is correct. I am here to learn and share knowledge as much as anyone. So I apologize if I offended somewhere.
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