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  1. lets see.. you made it this far in the tourny and now you're willing to flip a coin for your life???even though you're pretty positive that you're not dominated, i still think you have a case for folding... i would have faith in my play and know that my chances would be way better if i just folded and played at my level...i say fold...unless of course this tourny doesnt mean all that much to you, in which case i would call instantly and hope for the best.... it's nice time to gamble....
  2. rake is 5% of every pot.... with a MAX RAKE of $5....as for the drinks they are like at any bar... not too expensive, not too cheap... (non-alcoholic drinks are free at the tables though)..as for the cash there is a NATIONAL BANK on the main floor of the casino that has an exchange bureau (with decent rates i presume)...
  3. wow.. good one... talk to me when u hit puberty... wutta waste..
  4. started an accnt.. posted a bit... then moved for 2 yrs... finally got back... catching up on threads..u want my life story?
  5. lol.. everyone here makes me laugh.. if u dont think its 50/50 u honestly dont have a brain and ill have an honest debate with u... cant believe u guys dont see it.. ITS LIKE GRADE 3 MATHEMATICS...
  6. also... theres a very nice bar the divides the poker room.. u can drink at the bar but ur not allowed to drink alcohol at the tables (quebec regulation)...at the tables ur only allowed to drink NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks.. as for the room, it will take a little bit of getting used to since every table is electronic and the room is really dark.. but i havent experienced any problems yet.. i would suggest playing at the DEMO TABLE for a while before actually playing the real tables..and the floor people are extremely knowledgable.. (not what i expected)
  7. hey.. i live in mtl and ive been playin at the casino for a few months now...first off the technology is much better than i thought.. the game moves much faster than with chips/dealers and its easy to get used to... how it works is first u gotta sign up to get a players card.. then u gotta deposit money in it (at the cashiers desk).. then u gotta find a kiosk and place ur name on whichever waiting list u want.. once ur name is "called" (actually its displayed on screens) u go to the assigned table and swipe ur card.. then select how much cash u wanna play with...THE KEY HERE IS THAT THERE IS N
  8. its actually the same thing in every post.. i cant believe u can even write on a keyboard.. this is basic logic.. 75/25 makes absolutely no sense...this thread shouldve ended in one post.. its so simple...
  9. WHAT U DONT UNDERSTAND IS THAT IN A STANDARD STAKE U KNOW HOW MUCH THE PERSON WON WITH UR MONEY!!in this case u dont know how much the player won with the first $10 or how much he won with the second $10.. therefore take the total profit (100 - 20 = 80)... divide that by 2 (80/2 = 40)... add his stake (40 + 10 = $50)....THEREFORE STAKER GETS $50 AND PLAYER GETS $50....
  10. what u guys dont get is that this is not a standard stake.. normally, a staker will give someone cash and if the player wins, they split THE PROFIT ONLY...for example, if a STAKER gives a player $100 and the PLAYER brings it to $200... the PLAYER gets $50 and the STAKER gets $150 (his original stake plus half the profit)..BUT THIS ISNT A STANDARD STAKE!! here, the staker only puts in HALF the entry cost... and therefore should receive HALF the profit... technically this isnt even considered a "stake" but more like a "half-buy-in"...
  11. simple... TOTAL MONEY INVESTED = $20STAKER CONTRIBUTION = $10 (which is 50% of the money invested)Therefore, winnings should be split 50/50...PLAYER GETS $50, STAKER GETS $50...
  12. Hey Daniel!!Just read that you're coming to MTL in a few days... What's your schedule like when you're here?? Will you have and free time to meet fans or do autographs??? Thanks!!
  13. my buddy gave me 3 to 1 on DN making the final table (this was before the day started)... not a good bet at all but i still took it for $100.....GOOOO DAANNNIEIEEELLLLL!!!!!!
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