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  1. i think five at a time was just for the rollout but i guess we'll see.
  2. sounds like an easy lawsuit to me. either you signed a deal or not and it should be easy to prove in court.
  3. props to shinychicken. if i were not a Canadian on the left coast i would try to make it (even if i were an eastern Canadian). good luck getting a turnout.(bump)
  4. wow, from one extreme to the other!
  5. i don't think anyone had time to read it before they voted on it.
  6. i smelt something like this coming.it looks like it only takes place inside the casino/hotel.i can only imagine what's next.
  7. that could easily be it. try bringing some lumbar support (and risk looking like you're staying for a while to anyone who notices )
  8. so i take it your not her agent?
  9. shinychicken came up with a good conspiracy theory, here are a few points from the other thread. the links in pt. 5 are dead now :(3. On Monday, a private group makes an offer to buy Harrah's Casino Group. This private group is composed of Texas Pacific and Apollo Management Group, two large equity companies. Harrah's owns 47% of the Las Vegas Strip (Harrah's, Ceaser's, Flamingo, Paris, Bally's and most importanty to us, the Rio ) as well as many casinos around the US. This would be the largest gaming acquisition on the history of the sector. How conveinent is it that this buyout comes as st
  10. you guys are EVENTUALLY going to have to lose the "it doesn't really matter what i do" attitude and DO SOMETHING.this sounds like as good a time as any to take to the streets. if it were my government i would have been moved to the point of protest long before this point.
  11. make sure to check out the pills vids on youtube.
  12. that is a poor analogy. you can be disconnected even though you have taken every reasonable precaution not to be, though many people are late because they did not afford themselves enough time.half of your defense was that you knew that this would be done to you. i have told you that you cannot be certain of this.i'm not a religious person but i do believe that you can learn some things from the bible (such as, do unto others as you would have others do unto you).if i compete in anything, i like to win with a sense of sportsmanship and i hope it affects the opinions of the people i compete a
  13. i would wait for you to reconnect. not everybody would, but some will. some people will also return your wallet if they find it (without removing the cash). the fact that you asked this question makes me think you are a good person. don't let everyone drag you down to their level.
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