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  1. Please do NOT check/min. re-raise. Even though you won the hand, it screams to every player that you are a total donkey. Not to be a dick or anything.....Seriously though. If I were your opponent, I would not respect your continuation bets after this hand. You have given a precedent that when you hit big, you don't continuation bet.Don't get caught up in the results of this hand. You raised OOP with a marginal hand that got called by two players that had you stomped. You out flopped them. Wahoo!
  2. I have played quite a bit of HU myself. I would enjoy seeing a few hands, but like you said most will be read based. IMO HU can be played effectively with soooo many styles that it would be impossible to critique someone else's play.
  3. Let's not be rediculous. KJ five handed is not trash, and we are playing against a loose player that may have very well raised with a worse hand.
  4. Bad ending:My friend laid it down. To be honest, my buddy's BR is a bit shriveled so I understand, but I would be willing to venture that we have the best hand 65% of the time given this action and we were getting 1.5-1 on our money. Gotta call IMO.Nice input fellas. A couple last thoughts:If he had a hand like AK or AQ and thought it was good, wouldn't he at most value bet this river? Personally, if I held one pair on this board and the river checked to me, I wouldn't even bet.One of the main problems here is that we were in really uncharted territory with this villain. Villain had playe
  5. My friend checked here because he put him on a flush draw, with maybe a pair to go with it. He figured he missed, so the only way to get money in the pot was to allow him to hang himself.Remember, we only have a little over $70 left so his all-in for $130ish is academic. We were basically having to call about twice the pot.I honestly believe he could hold two clubs, A 10x, or a hand we beat. Trips would have taken control of the hand and so would any straight without the A .
  6. Nice lay down IMO. Even if we are ahead, he may have many outs. If we are behind, we may be drawing to runner runner boat.The only hands that jump out at me that he might make this play with that we beat are PP 10s and lower (that didn't trip), but would he have limped with those in the CO? Most good players will likely raise with a PP that late in position if it has folded around.
  7. My first short handed post.My friend is the hero in this hand. We have been discussing this hand that occurred on FTP. 5 handed .50/1.00 SB $80.50 Hero (BB) $92.20 (Kh, Jd) UTG $93.00 CO $58.50 Villain (Button) $148.70 Pre-flop: UTG calls, CO folds, Villain raises $1.50 to $2.50, SB folds, Hero calls, UTG calls. Flop (pot=$8 )[Qc 8c Jc] Hero bets $5, UTG fold, Villain calls. Turn (pot=$18 )[Kd] Hero bets $11, Villain calls. River (pot=$40 )[6h] Hero checks, Villain bets $130.20 and is all-in, Hero.....? What do you guys think? His read of the villain is a player who loves to make a tiny raises
  8. My read leans towards AcXx and this is a hail mary bluff. I think he paired the flop or the turn with the Ac as his kicker, though he could have played AcXc this way. I think there is no way a set makes this play. Scary hand.
  9. nh. If we don't anticipate the action behind us, can we play this hand for set value? I think so.
  10. My friend is the hero in this hand. We have been discussing this hand that occurred on FTP.5 handed .50/1.00SB $80.50Hero (BB) $92.20 (Kh, Jd)UTG $93.00CO $58.50Villain (Button) $148.70 Pre-flop:UTG fold, CO calls, Villain raises $1.50 to $2.50, SB folds, Hero calls, UTG calls.Flop (pot=$8): [Qc 8c Jc]Hero bets $5, UTG fold, Villain calls.Turn (pot=$18): [Kd]Hero bets $11, Villain calls.River (pot=$40): [6h]Hero checks, Villain bets $130.20 and is all-in, Hero.....?What do you guys think?His read of the villain is a player who loves to make a tiny raises pre-flop with hand that most players
  11. I hate our min. bet on the flop. A true donk play. Our opponent sniffed out our weakness and really played it perfectly. If he were to hold 33, 34, or 99, would he have played it any different? He c/r the flop, bet the turn strong, and went all-in on the river. I think we made a pretty poor call, but it looks genius since you posted the results. Congrats on winning the hand. If you want non results-based analysis please post results later.
  12. Any reads on why the SB continues his donk sized bet into a raiser? Any reads on the BB?I think readless, we push here. We are getting pretty awesome money odds. There are a lot of holdings that the SB or BB hold here that we could stomp. AK with the K , or any set may make this play. I could see top two making this play. Let's remember the BB raised the flop, into a pre-flop raiser. That is an unlikely move for someone on a draw. If anyone flushed out besides us, my money is on the SB, but I still feel this is a "good enough" situation for us to get our money in.I am guessing we lost
  13. This is definitely a tough decision. I think when dealing with a poor player (as he as clearly displayed he is) it is at least as important, if not more important, to play the odds of your hand versus your read on him.I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other here. The fact that he would be willing to make a call on a lead out with two overs is really not a case for check raising. After all, we are a pretty strong favorite and don't mind his money in the pot.I like the c/r. But like you said, it has to be bigger. If we are check raising, the goal has to be to pick up the pot righ
  14. This is exactly why NOT to push. Scott got it right. Push and we only get called if we are behind. We must check this turn to gain any added value of our hand. The likelihood of him checking behind us is not too high. By calling our flop raise this villain is clearly looking for ways to win the hand other than just hitting one of his two overs. If he missed this turn, then he may feel inclined to make a play for the pot.
  15. I think we have to lead out here. If we are called I think we b/f the turn, and probably check the river.As far as your general outlook on playing tight early, I like it and agree with it. Interestingly enough DN really disagrees with it. He takes the stance of "the chips of those weak players are eventually going to end up in the hands of better players. Would you rather try to win it off the weak player or the tough one?" Food for thought. I really only try to win chips early when I've got the best of it. Staying in line with that, I will only continuation bet when I hit or when the f
  16. I don't quite understand this. You're pretty sure he's got a set, but you think laying down AK would be idiotic?lol good point
  17. A player who min. raises can do so with a huge hand range. I think given everything post-flop I'd look to put him on QQ or (and here is what my gut is sayin): Q J / J 10 . I think he makes this play because he feels he can get any A or K to fold, so the only hands he fears calling are a set or top two, which he was actually able to get us to to toss. I would have preferred we call here, but I don't blame you. Ultra-bizarre play.
  18. Ok, assuming we lead into him on the flop with a 2/3-3/4 pot bet instead of C/R, how would you play the turn/flop for the following scenarios:1) just calls the flop bet2) raises the flop bet 2-3 times3) raises the flop bet far moreA lot of this is read dependent but let's assume we bet $25 (in between 2/3 & 3/4 pot).1) c/f the turn (assuming it is not a 10), pre flop raiser "just calling" often signals extreme strength in a HU pot. He would have only had $15 committed, and would be offered only 5-2 on his money. Flop is low and rainbow, most likely we are behind. It is highly, and I mea
  19. Giving 3-1 is a desirable price to see the turn when all you have is overcards?The odds of an overcard hitting on the turn are a shade less than 7-1. It seems like even with 3-1 it's a fairly big gamble, especially considering that in most cases, the better is going to shut down and not pay-off if a high overcard like an A or K comes. Plus when I am check-raising the *flop*, I am not sure if he just has overs. It is possible he has an overpair, in which case betting to make it 2-1 to see the turn seems like a big price to pay for what could turn out to be purely a informational raise, instea
  20. I agree. Our best move is to check raise here. If he holds two over to the board, more often than not by pure odds he did not hit and we are way ahead with one card to go. That being said the only way to get more of his money in the pot is to check and let him hang himself. If he has the jack so be it. We are potstuck.Regarding the rest of the hand we should have not given him such a desirable price to see the turn. We are giving him about 3-1 (calling 40 to win 115) money odds. We ought to have raised $60+, giving him less than 2-1. That may have solved our entire problem. We don't
  21. I like the question. Bcook you know your sh*t and you got it right IMO.I think the OP is just really confused. Your math is good, but your problem with understanding pricing players out of hands pre-flop is that at no point does any player know with absolute certainty the holdings of another. If we were to play the game using strictly odds (given big enough stacks) we can justify playing virtually any two cards. My last sentence is truly a gigabet idea which I have a hard time grasping, or agreeing with. But in a math sense of pot odds and implied odds it is true. We can play trash again
  22. Without reads you want to stick with value bets (anywhere from 2/3-3/4 pot) that will inherently protect your hand.
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