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  1. Am I drunk? Yes, a bit. Is it the most interesting thing to happen to FCP in quite some time? Probably. Poker talk is so 5 years ago.
  2. She has zero backup WR's and 4 QB's. I do think Maclin is probably on that #1 borderline though. Not really the point though. More about need. Some of them needed to get traded or dropped. Both teams are better now.
  3. I think you could be ok. You have a few guys I have in a few other leagues. Just not sure on Peyton. Charles could be huge, could be meh. And Raquel... check your trade proposals! It's been days, lol.
  4. Even before seeing the article, I was gonna respond with a big fat "DUH"... but wow, that's pretty absurd.
  5. I like 3. But even 2-2.5 is better. I dunno how specific they let you get. I dunno, I've probably done 90 seconds before too, but after doing a couple dynasty drafts without a timer, it seem so quick.
  6. Oh, and can we make the pick timer a little longer. 90 seconds is pretty fast.
  7. Is this the right draft order, or the order we signed up?
  8. Yeah, he was the lynch, but I never saw the mafia kill.
  9. I never got to see who the night kill was... who's gone?
  10. So you know he hasn't cheated because you're a follower? Got it. Solid.
  11. If you can't spell lose correctly, I'm not surprised you lost at poker. But have solace in the fact that you're one of many who can't seem to grasp simple words.
  12. Lets be real, there were some good Kim Bauer scenes....
  13. Do you play Draw Something? What's your username?If not... you should.
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