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  1. Because TheRedPill was so seductive?
  2. What do her boobs look like now? Post some pics and I will be sure to give an unbiased opinion.
  3. Yeah, and she doesn't look good either.
  4. Yeah, I am at work now, and I fully empathize with your situation. Though, I finished my project about 3 hours ago, and am now just pretending to "debug" my code. I still rather enjoy my "work".
  5. You're so mad. You called them with jack high!
  6. HotSteven

    The Hideout

    How's "The Professor ....."? I have a copy being shipped to me, and am looking forward to it.Reading is overrated, wait for it to come out on DVD.
  7. HotSteven

    The Hideout

    What is on TV Tuesday nights anyways? I can't imagine you're missing much. Also, hi, I'm HotSteven.
  8. This should be split into 2 categories, one with milk, and one without.with milk - Frosted Mini Wheats.without milk - Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  9. Some say that sex is overrated, but they just ain't doin' it right.
  10. Fill your swimming pool with gas today, and bootleg it to your neighbors at $3 a gallon a month from now. You'll mm without the hastle of t(ing)p.
  11. Optimal strategy would involve very little bluffing at these tables, but bring your gameboy, or a pillow. You could show a few sexy (read stupid) bluffs and the table will get much more interesting, if not any more profitable. (Even idiots remember that jerk who bluffs too much.) There are few things more fun than enraging the elderly with a well timed checkraise.
  12. PayForUSC, it sounds like your reading skills need a little work. Phil Helmuth recommends practicing bluffing yourself in the mirror. That way you can eliminate your own tells, and learn to read other people.
  13. Don't hate, Actuary. I was just bored with the strat forums. I will let it die now that you have ruined my fun. Sorry dms, you can go back to working on your game. If it makes you feel better, the stats and graph are all real results of my play. It just wasn't the whole picture.
  14. Trust me, Actuary is a lot closer to correct than you are. I won't pretend that I don't play overly agressive sometimes, but it is mostly because I am just that good. Don't pretend you could ever outplay me. Ever. Keep on folding though. You will hit your set sometime. are you really this conceited? I'm pretty sure my stats at .50/1 are better than yours3.67/100 over 6K hands, I've never come anywhere close to dropping 100 bets in 300 hands.I'm not trying to "outplay" anyone at my table, keep thinking your game is perfect and you're too good for advice. why did you even post here? did y
  15. Among other things, yes.
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