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  1. It's much easier to love any player who wins titles. Just got to look at recent history, people certainly respected KG... but until he won a title he didn't get all that much love. LBJ same thing, I watched those highschool games he played on TV and have my LBJ shoes still... but until he won that 1st title he was only getting love from a small amount of people now the fair weather fans are starting to love him as well. IMHO
  2. I liked how the final few days played out, although having Erik go out with medical isn't fun. I'm not entirely sure, but did cochrane get all the votes? I am happy not so much for the million dollars that he won, but he is one of the few people who legitimately benefitted and transformed themselves during the time on the show. He is more confidant and hopefully his financial situation will let him follow his dreams to become a writer.
  3. Michael, Phillip, Malcom, Reynold, Andrea (current jury) Cochran - I think at this point I want either Cochran or Brenda to win. Cochran has developed considerably over his 2 seasons on the show growing self confidence and also physically more capable. I feel like he was good at the strategy of the game and in his first go around he was ok with his lot, this game he has started to assert himself more and be apart of the inner circle especially with Phillip gone. Only player this season not to have his name written down once. Sherri - I think Sherri hasn't done enough to win; and becaus
  4. I'm pretty sure in all the seasons of Survivor this was my favorite episode, maybe because of the players involved in the challenges and outcomes. It just had some many extra layers of drama and deceit!
  5. "Penguins forward Jarome Iginla’s immigration petition has been approved. He is traveling from Calgary and will be in Pittsburgh Saturday. No further details are available at this time." Sounds like as good a time as any to get started!
  6. I know there are some pretty strategic people around here and in case anyone was interested, but missed the Nov. 2 deadline to sign up online.. they will be having open casting call: Seattle, WA Snoqualmie Casino Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom 37500 SE North Bend Way Snoqualmie, WA 98065 425/888-1234 Date: Friday, November 30, 2012 Time: Noon - 5pm http://www.cbssurvivorcasting.com/Survivor-Open-Casting-Calls
  7. I feel that from a personal perspective Cochrane made the right decision and strategically didn't help himself out, but he was in a position with nothing to lose also. Although Dawn was his friend she was unwilling to ever stand up for him or be a comfort to him openly. I feel like she will be able to now even though they are clearly on opposite sides of the fence, she could be used later on to break Coach's team up.I don't think that Cochrane is in a position where he definitely won't get any votes, but it would be hard to sell that he gets many at all. It really depends on who is in the end
  8. http://www.nba.com/history/finalsmvps.htmlI am wondering why is there so much anomosity about individuals in the finals. Obviously these are two of the very elite in the league and peaked at the right time.Magic Johnson won 5 titles winning 3 finals MVPs and "deferring" to Jabbar in one and Worthy in the other? I think they just played at a level for a 4-7 game series where their matchups were more favorable.Tim Duncan 4 titles and 3 MVPS the other going to Tony Parker who was lights out, Duncan still played at an elite level... does that make him second fiddle?Kobe Bryant 5 titles... do we wa
  9. I think a position that is being thought of, but not verbalized well is that hypothetically... steriods aren't banned in Canada. Now because of US law MLB is forcing players in Toronto to not be able to use a substance they enjoy for their own purposes. Or take it further and say a country in the future gets a MLB team where the substances are legal, MLB changes their stance and now only Toronto and the new Mexican teams get to use steriods when they are playing home games and gain whatever perceived on field advantages their are. US players could defect and take steriods during injuries just
  10. Definition: famous person in sports or entertainment: an extremely famous or successful person, especially in sports or entertainment I would have to say although Duncan doesn't really command a presence outside of the basketball court he certainly fits this definition, as being extremely successful. If there more then one or potentially two teams in the history of basketball where you wouldn't pencil him into the PF position and say this team is as good if not better. (In his prime)To address if Bosh fits the bill, in Toronto I thought he qualified as an outsider just seeing his numbers. Now
  11. It's been speculated that he is banned for the season and fined rather then being fired because it was an order passed down from Ryan and the organization is aware of it. I'm sure the guy will be reimbursed anyways or he will recover the money in a future contract. If the Jets fired the guy I would he happy, nothing less. (But it wasn't his decision in my opinion)
  12. I'm sure a big part of the reason he ended up back in Philly was due to his incredible post season shows. Just one monster year on the books for the payroll, but that is going to come down significantly. This also gives the Phillies a ton of flexibility to trade Hamels mid season for a bat if they need one or potentially a top closer near the all star break depending on how their rotation is working out.
  13. Just a ridiculously sick game by Halladay, although i didn't win my fantasy auction NL league this year... Halladay was worth every penny of the $39 I bid and paid for to get him in winning WHIP, WINS and SO's. (Took 3rd)
  14. I think everyone could make compelling arguments for Russell and Rob as the best ever, but I have to ask myself a few questions.If Russell was in Robs position and everyone know him from previous seasons would he have made it past the 1st few episodes?If you placed Russell in a season of survivor with NO immunity idols would his stock rise or fall or remain the same?I absolutely hated Russell last season and was blinded to how good he was. This season I appreciate what he has done, although no one else knows him and it has given him a slight advantage in that aspect. He creates chaos like no o
  15. 67.14 X_____ = ____100.00 1.78100x = 119.51 this means you are roughly making 19.5% profit on your money.IF X were replaced with a 1 for the odds you bet roughly and X moved to your current strike rate we could see how often at your odds you would need to win to break even. X 1.00_____ = ____100.00 1.78This is 100 / 1.78 = your needed strike rate, which is 56.18% to break even.
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