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  1. Damn 2 nights isn a row and no one in between. Screw it I am going to veags.
  2. Ah hell, never mind, I forgot waht I was going to say when I seen your avatear....ummm, hai dair.
  3. So the old guy supports on-line gambling and the younger guy is a douche...who would have thought. :)It must be embarassing to be punked out for making up shit on national tv.
  4. Ok, in all seriousness, go to Bill's. Find the elevators to the parking garage. The large black man on the phone, when he follows you, think nothing of it, he will take care of you after you get out on the parking garage level.
  5. Yeah right, like there is a chance that happens!GG DN. Keep up the run, this is what you trained for.
  6. Ummm, I was just joking, I mean I can't ....errr, nevermind.
  7. I had it all until this part.
  8. I am suprised this didn't send a professed germaphobe to full blown tilt.I guess that means she is smokin! You go DN!
  9. Stop making shit up.Sorry Bob, I hope you don't mind.
  10. Do you feel like an idiot for your response now that they went to one table at 7 people left? I knew it was 6 max, just asking a question I didn't know the answer to, better than thinking I know it all like some people do.
  11. Rollerblading is just an excuse for having kneepads!
  12. Good luck DN, hope you win this one.How many more eliminations before they go to one table? Do they play down to 6 before putting everyone at the same table?
  13. If this wasn't so sickening it would be an pretty good brag post.
  14. I got to thinking after I posted this. If this isn't from a hacked admin account how the hell did they get my email? I don't think I have it displayed in my fcp info anywhere other than registration info.
  15. I got the same one. If you look at the full headers, it shows that in the received field that it is from www.fullcontactpoker.com but that it may be forged. Who would have thought scammers figured out how to spoof an addres!
  16. It may be the fish in me talking (or the Tequila for that matter) but Dur is one lucky MoFo. When he is in trouble the deck always rescues him. Yeah, it is hard for the players to put him on a hand, cause the DECK ALWAYS RESCUES HIM WHEN HE IS IN TROUBLE!
  17. Margaritas made with cheap ass tequila fo r the mfw!!!!
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