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  1. I hear they encourage flashing during beer pong....
  2. If enjoying watching Daniel on TV and understanding how he could have not been into the ME yesterday makes me a fanboy, then put me on the list. After all, who am I to judge how he performs at his job, he doesn't come to my work and ask me why I put in place certain polocies or why we don't do a certain promotion. Nice series Daniel, I am sure you wanted to do better just like your fans wanted you to do better. Take a vacation from the poker life and get recharged. Oh, and be careful what prop bets you get yourself into next year.
  3. What about Wandigo? Wasn't he going to buy in today? Did he get in?
  4. After over an hour of trying, I can't get the bluff magazine article to come up. If anyone else can, how about doing a little c&p job for me?
  5. Bluff's website must be down, can't get it to load.
  6. Give Gman a life-time ban please?
  7. I guess I missed it. When was it posted?More important, want did it say?
  8. Congrats to one of the good guys.
  9. In my mind it makes a huge difference. To each his own.
  10. Wouldn't it be interesting if he makes it deep enough and has to play the day his is suppose to be back in court....I guess if he could make it to the final table after blinding off for a whole day then he would most definitely deserve it.
  11. EStormOk (stillwater)nevermind, can't run right now.
  12. I think I may have played next to him, at least by the smell I think I may have....
  13. Yeah, I think the DB lable fits him perfectly.
  14. GL to all.By the way, I am available to go to Vegas in November (flight fees may apply) to be on the rail for any FCPers.
  15. What happened to that thread? Common sense take over and someone make a wise decision to axe it?
  16. I have a friend playing in this one. Good luck Jared.
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