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  1. And I am out. Typical of my luck to this point, I was short in this hand as the result of being on the end of two big suckouts.PokerStars Game #31220562296: Tournament #184492915, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2009/08/03 22:08:19 ETTable '184492915 8' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: EStormOk (165 in chips) Seat 2: wwestfred (1630 in chips) Seat 3: MSands20 (1325 in chips) Seat 4: bigdazza19 (1255 in chips) Seat 5: ruinlives (3220 in chips) Seat 6: Rick Ghastly (2935 in chips) Seat 7: sword5 (4040 in chips) Seat 8: AFink93 (760 in chips) Seat 9: imbanter (1605 in chips)
  2. You don't think stars would have had problems advertising in the show? Kinda hard to denote .net or .com on a computer screen in the background. I didn't see it so maybe they could have. I just don't think stars would have paid much or may have opted not to at all to avoid the possible legal issues.
  3. Ok, I am using my stake now.In #184492915.
  4. EStormOk (Stillwater)I would have to play tomorrow night if you give me one.
  5. And I am out at 801. Never got a hand after the break. Got short and pushed with KJ, called by AQ K and A on the flop. Thanks again for the stake.
  6. I'll do my best. Thanks for the stake.
  7. They are beating me down. Need to catch some cards or get creative. Let's hope for cards.
  8. Just above average first break, nothing exciting here.
  9. I have not had as much interaction with Rose as some of you have. But, come on, give the lady a break. If you don't like her, at least give her the benefit of the doubt on the surgery bit. You are really coming off like jackasses questioning her honesty on this issue.
  10. You people sure do bitch a lot. I didn't think it was that bad. I guess I am just clueless. I'll try to bitch more in the future.
  11. No, she is in a video with you! :)Way to domintate. Thanks for letting us share in your win. It was cool watching the FT.
  12. congrats on the win zimmerI almost spit beer all over my moniter on the river. The alcohol made me think the other guy hit the straight on the river.
  13. Damn, you don't have to bring the real world into it.
  14. Anywhere Chrozzo is not accepted it not somewhere I want to be....Hai!
  15. LOL. Cover this and it is greg raymer....LOLFinished watching it and it was pretty funny. JA is funnier than BG IMO.
  16. Are you arguing that 2+2 is better or worse, hard to tell by that statement.
  17. Didn't really look at this thread the last few days thinking it was about him having good results at poker, big shock when I finally looked. My prayers are offered up for him and his family.
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