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  1. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. Prayers of comfort and understanding to your family Gov.
  2. I agree with your statement, that is why I posted here to see if anyone else has had similar problems recently.:eggonfacesmiley:
  3. I took the steps they suggested on their website and it didn't work. Shortly after I posted the last time in this thread I checked out a little more of the details of my blocked list and for some reason support@pokerstars.com was blocked. Doh!I don't know how that ever happened but it did. I have never mark any of their emails as spam. I forgot to come back to this thread last night and let every body know how big of a dolt I was.
  4. Just to update, it is now a day later and 4 emails total and still no reply or access to my account!
  5. Topic and description says it all.Tried to reset mypassword this afternoon. Watch football and now 8 hours later it hasn't been reset.Is this standard? I also emailed support about 8 hours ago and have not heard from them either.
  6. Actually PF says call, the floor says dead, and THEN the dealer says call. I know they don't show everything, they edit a lot out. My question is did the floor every ask the dealer for their opinion?
  7. Oh Hai!Oh yeah, Happy birthday DNA!
  8. Yeah, I laughed, but that may be the tequila talking....
  9. See, that is part of the problem. You come into a Vegas casino to jack money with a machete and you get your ass shot!
  10. Thank you for sharing your love for your mother with us. She seemed like one of the great ones. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time of mourning.
  11. He reminds me of Burt Butan (sp?) to much for me to want him to win anything.
  12. Congrats to Mike Sexton. Well deserved. Nice to see someone that loves the sport for more than just the cash flow it gives him get accolades that he deserves.I saw him heading through the airport obviously in a hurry. As he walked past I called out his name. He turned half expecting to see someone he knew (I assume by the look on his face when he realized he didn't know me). But, he was gracious and shook my hand. I told him how much I enjoy watching him on TV and he headed on his way. Lots of celebs would have told made me feel bad for acting like a noob, he did not.
  13. Damn, I just noticed I am quoted in your signature.
  14. So, I can have your turn then?For what it is worth, I may have been drunk when I originally posted that.
  15. Here is your solution in three easy steps:1. Open your favorite beverage2. drink your favorite beverage3. Donk off the money you would have been withdrawing.Your welcome!
  16. The Jose Cuervo Gold is kicking in, so buckle up bitches!
  17. I just watched the video log and came here looking for a place to leave a comment. I think this is as good as any.I was very touched by the last few minutes of the video log. Like the OP said, Daniel turned from a celebrity to a normal guy just talking about his mom and you could see the hurt that is within him. I will certainly say a prayer for your mother Daniel. Facing a loved one's mortality can not be easy. God bless you and your mom.
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