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    Sorry to hear that.
  2. lol, i thought it was a thread about erectile dysfunction.
  3. Yes, i agree it wouldn't be fair either but it was just to illustrate why i feel the limit rule should be applied to the no limit rule. it's the same thing if the all in player is in for $79 and it's so close to $80 but action is not reopened to the original bettor. The limit rule applied to nl is the best compromise in an imperfect situation imo. U seem angry all the time. u used to be more mellow. What's up dude?
  4. Thx again sandwedge, well put. Now, i'm gonna drive u more crazy here lol. How about if the rules were changed such that as long as the amount is more than the regular calling amount, it's a raise? That would be the other extreme for no limit i guess. However, if i could pick a rule, i would like to see the limit rule applied to no limit, seems to make more sense. It's in between the current rule and the one I just proposed.
  5. thx dna.if that's the case then I think the existing rule is stupid. Whether it's 700 or 800 doesn't really make much of a difference but if it's 800 then the original better gets a chance to reraise and possibly protect his hand or whatnot and force the limpers to call or give up their hand.
  6. Thx sandwedge, its a good explanation, hopefully i've understood it correctly. So, is the correct answer $1100 then? 700 + 400? Not 1200, right?Now, say the all in guy had 800 making it a full raise and a few people called this raise, as the original better of 400, are u allowed to reraise or just call?
  7. This is my answer:Since the all in is not a full raise, all others may only call the $700. I think DCJ001 is right. Someone explain and correct me if i'm wrong?
  8. I think Scott Clements will make the final nine and if he has a decent size stack, a good chance to win it all. You heard it here first.
  9. yah, it was actually a serious question. I know you can't say but I would love to know which tv pros are broke.I'm thinking that most pros nowadays have deals with pokerstars or fulltilt, so those pros are prob ok but then most of the tv pros have those deals, so I still really can't figure out who is broke and who isn't. Oh well, doesn't matter I guess, I 'm just a nosy parker.
  10. So, who are these broke pros that you speak of? I mean, obviously you know, is it some kind of secret or something?
  11. Not that it's bad but your signature is a pic of you with Obama. I would say you're wow'ed by him. Kurt, your initial statement is wrong, fluffdog, bob and lots of other fcper's in this post is right, it is hard to be a top pro poker player, otherwise all of us would be making millions playing poker, winning multiple bracelets, wpt events, getting sponsored by pokerstars and playing almost all the events like DN. Just like any other discipline, anyone could prob do it but to be the best in the world at it, definitely not.
  12. apparently. I ordered a sub today. The cheese was not tessellated.
  13. Hmm, is there a new jc in town? i opened this up thinking it was Juan Carlos. congrats on the final tables tho. impressive.
  14. kinda interesting but imo not the most amazing poker blog, not even close.
  15. Threw not through. Wrong of your mom to throw a glass of water at you regardless of what you said.
  16. I ran a half marathon this weekend. Took me 2 hrs and 25 min which isnt a great time but i finished it. I entered it whimsically just to see if I could do it. Didn't train for it. I definitely will for the next one though. I want to improve my time and also avoid the soreness that I'm experiencing now.
  17. wow, i never knew, i stand corrected. interesting link i will check it out.
  18. wow, are you serious?learning stuff on youtube?Good luck trying to get a professional degree by not going to college. If everyone followed your advice, there would be no engineers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, teachers, pharmacists, nurses etc. School isn't for everyone and there are lots of useless degrees out there but you can't seriously think no one should go to college. Well, even with all that, assuming you don't coach high school stuff and teach summer school (which you get paid extra and is only one month extra), is it correct to say that you still get 9 weeks off in the summer, on
  19. Let me know if any of the following is wrong and why. I'm curious and playing devil's advocate here. So, please don't take any offense. If I were a primary school teacher, I can understand the prep work to be a little more during the first couple of years but even then the material is so easy, i can't imagine it taking too much time. however, if you have been teaching grade 3 for several years, the prep work should be minimal? Also, say you spent 2 hrs a day after school to mark stuff, woudn't you still be done by five? I do agree with you that during school hours, it can be quite rough
  20. Ah, I didn't factor in the extracurricular activities. My cousin teaches grade 3 in public school. I think his hours are fairly cushy, I can't imagine there to be too much going on after school for those kids. So, maybe the way to go is to teach the younger kids and be in public school. Ah, i miss the b and m poker in some ways but I just don't have the time to sit for hours at a table anymore. Also, the passion to play nowadays is significantly diminished. Do you still play a lot?
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