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  1. 80 people charged...but police and prosecutors are bickering over what laws (if any) were broken:Full article
  2. "Honey! I was supposed to go broke on that hand! But they forgot one thing - I can dodge bullets, baby!"Shortly thereafter, he goes broke (I think it was the next hand that was televised, wasn't it?). He's a loudmouth, a crybaby, a very poor loser, but the guy does know how to play poker.What I wonder sometimes is - what is he listening to in those headphones?
  3. So what is your theory on why he got married?Or is that just a good storyline for the blog?
  4. Oh yeah, it's so clear. Gay men get married to women all the time. Get real.Besides, no gay man would ever be as obsessed with hockey as he is.
  5. No, I am not kidding. Both have the same "format", like any typical announcer team - one guy is play-by-play, and the other guy is color. I will listen to Norman over Vince any day - at least there is some variety to the dialogue.
  6. For WPT, I think it would be interesting to see some different announcers. Mike and Vince have a selection of about a half-dozen phrases and it's like hearing a broken record.They seem to place a very high priority on making sure that everyone knows the "slang" term for each hand dealt, as if that's a major component of the game. "Oh, Ace King, he's got 'Big Slick' as we say" or "Looks like he has the Gabor sisters, the Hilton sisters, two queens" or "Oh, the Jack - Five, or 'Motown', as we like to call it" - that tired stuff gets old real quick.At least the WSOP has some funny and insightfu
  7. Well, all I can say is, I am glad I am not like you.
  8. Raymer is one of the best representatives of poker today. He is always a gentleman at the table, even when others around him are not. What's more, he is a brilliant player and deserves the rewards he has received through his winnings and endorsement deals.Any moron who creates a thread such as this must be incredibly insecure, to be this hateful to such a nice guy who has done nothing against anyone here.
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