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  1. OK the other night in one hand, Daniel bet something like 150 and a guy moves all-in behind him for something like 5k. DN questions the bet, the guy responds "that's poker." DN then says something along the lines of "no, that's not poker."i understand what DN is saying, but bear with me for a moment here. most folks on here probably agree with DN, and to a certain extent, i do too. but think about it for a minute:is that the future of poker? i can see how if guys keep playing long enough like that, they'll go broke and in theory eventually all those guys will eventually fade away, taking their
  2. hey everyone - i was playing a S&G the other day and another player was talking about the amount of money i had made playing S&Gs. i didn't even know that information myself so I asked him where i could find such a thing and he did not tell me, citing a policy against advertising while at the table.can anyone out there send me a link to how i can find this info?thanks for your help
  3. Daniel - On your video blog, you described it perfectly - golf all day, play in the big game at night. For us low bankroll people, the $1500, $2000 tourneys are a huge deal and we may not understand how you can't take them seriously. But do what makes you happy, bro. If you can win more in 2 hours on the golf course than you can in 60+ hours of playing in a tourney, how is that even a question? :)I'm a terrible golfer, but love the freedom it provides. I'm a school teacher, so my bankroll is not that great, but I do enjoy playing poker as well. The thought of playing golf and poker AND making
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