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  1. the $200 buy in is very common around Los Angelesits all shortstack pokerif you want a "normal" buy in game...go to hustler or bicycle clubHustler has a $3/$5 ($300-$500)Bike has a $5/$5 ($500-NO MAX)
  2. got table share at a 6/12 LHE game at Hollywood Park during double jackpot hour$18000 total jackpot$650 table shareQQ vs. JJ on QQJJ3 boardOld lady had QQ and i had almost taken her seat, she had only been there about 30 minutes compared to my 3 hours
  3. ivegotta (reseda)took all my money offline after my win
  4. actually ive recieved ims from him the past two nights asking for stakes SHUT THE F* up your the reason i browse these forum less and less
  5. i dont have every hand from when i started only the big ones i dont have pokertracker as i dont play online that often
  6. lol yes that is the juiciest game ever stars does NOT fedex checks anymore all checks are 15 days according to Andrea at support
  7. ok guys theyve all been transfered or in process im going to bed gl guys thanks
  8. hellmuth it says waikike or something on yours not ameswhats the exact name?
  9. alright thats it sorry guys if you didnt get oneeveryone above me here got one
  10. its urs do whatever the **** you want lol
  11. ok 1st 10 people to replay in this thread gets an $11 stake into whatever tourney you wantdont worry about stakeback or anything like that i dont care just pass it on down if you win because i remember having to get stakesgive me your stars names alsogatortom will automatically get one as long as he repliesHURRY UP cause i want to go to sleep already1.flushgarden2.ghost3.big4.bdc5.phoenix6.delta7.citizen8.run9.10.
  12. no i gotta resolve shit with b of a first and thats going to take a while i just talked to wamu
  13. yeah i burned the crap outta b of a but dont they share info like that and not want to give me one?
  14. she hates when i spend money on her im going to surprise her by flying down to chile (plan it with her dad) i think that will be good enough shes been away for 1 month and has 2 more months down there with her family so i need to see her and get some secks lol
  15. whole thing except maybe a couple hundred is coming out i told the gf i would stop playing poker and she comes back in december so i gotta kind of get used to not playingbut then again i do hear the 20/40 mix game at hollywood park calling my name lolso like 3-4 checks of $8000 a piece and cash them at my check cashing place here and im good
  16. yeah but this will pay off bills and let me visit my gf in chile who i misssss soooo much
  17. you ever have problems depositing them or cashing them?? prolly just have to do three checks as not to get flagged for anything major
  18. yea now i need to see how i can cash it out....any suggestions??? i dont have a bank account anymore because i kept overdrafting so a bank wire is out
  19. well nvm the print screen i got removed from the table for missing 3 rounds of blinds oh well que serastakes will be given out before 4:00pm pst as i need to be to work then
  20. oh trust me im done for the night from a $200 deposit at 12:45 am pst until 7:00am pst i made$26913.05I LIKE VARIENCE
  21. I just found it and it says i need to hit function and the insert button (print screen) but it doesnt seem to work? i want to take a picture of the $20000
  22. anyone know how to take a screenshot from an HP Laptop running XP????
  23. just hit $20000 on a $25/$50 plo table i bought in for $3000
  24. PokerStars Game #12145277349: Omaha Pot Limit ($25/$50) - 2007/09/19 - 09:50:07 (ET)Table 'Kochera' 6-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: ivegotta ($3332 in chips) Seat 2: LuckyGump ($3974 in chips) Seat 3: zekeret ($3407 in chips) Seat 4: refaelamit ($4050 in chips) Seat 5: Naturalizer ($975 in chips) Seat 6: Darwinism ($3247 in chips) ivegotta: posts small blind $25LuckyGump: posts big blind $50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to ivegotta [7s 9c As Ac]zekeret: raises $125 to $175refaelamit: raises $125 to $300Naturalizer: folds Darwinism: folds ivegotta: raises $825 to $1125LuckyGump: folds zekeret: ca
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