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  1. Thanks for the replies and input guys. Looks like a shove seems to be the general consensus if one were to make a move. Do people think given my cards I should of picked a better spot and just checked and seen a flop? Are there any hands that people think a raise rather than a push is optimal? What do you do with AA in that spot?
  2. I cant say I completely disagree with you. So its a terrible move b/c of the type of tournament Im playing in? Given the opponent's call you are probably correct but I had played at this table for 2 hours and there really wasnt any crazy hands being shown down to raises. The players were exceptionally tight and straight forward for a low buy-in live tourney and I had a pretty tight image. Im sure if I posted the hand as the person with the KJ, the majority of people on the forum would of folded but who knows...Any other thoughts? My reason for not pushing was I thought if they would call
  3. Sorry in advance for not knowing how to set up a hand-history thing. Tournament: Atlantic City, Showboat: $65Blinds: 400/800 no anteStack: 8700I'm in the BB. 2 early position limpers with around 30K stacks, 2 middle position limpers with around 20K stacks, 1 limper on the button with 6100. Reads: for the most part everyone is playing pretty tight/straight forward poker and button has limped LOTS of hands. From my perspective, limping hands have typically been suited connectors, small pairs, A-10s and below, KQ, KJ, etc. After I see that everyone has limped I decide I'm making a mov
  4. Background: I had been playing with the villain at the table for about an hour. In that time I had seen him limp with KK twice and limp with AA once and when raised push. He seemed to have a pattern of slow playing big hands. Here's the hand in question.Event Buy-In: $5+$0.50 TournamentGame: No Limit Hold 'emLevel XVIII: 1,000 Ante 3,000/6,000 Blinds BB: Hero starts with 174,500SB : Villain starts with 157,000Hero dealt down Ts 6d Villain calls 3,000Hero checks >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 8h 6s 8d ]Hero bets 6,000Villain calls 6,000>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 4s
  5. Not sure what you are talking about. I teach US history and my bachelor's degree is in US history. I also had to have a certain number of credits in sociology, psychology, political science, and economics to be certified to teach "social studies." The degree was not easy to get and graduate school to get my master's degree wasnt the breeze you are talking about. My research thesis was over 200 pages at Ohio State. So what exactly are you talking about?If you speaking about elementary school...is it really possible to have a degree in every subject they teach?
  6. Hi, Another fellow teacher from the D.C. area here who wanted to chime in. I also consider myself a very hardworker who is dedicated to the students I teach and definitely feel underpaid for the amount of hours I put in. I definitely like the idea of some type of "merit system" in teaching, but how would you measure good teaching? There's just so many variables. You could measure it by "objective" test scores but I'm still not sure that would be fair. For example, I work in a very affluent area and had a 100% pass rate for my students on the state exams. Although I definitely worked hard
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