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  1. Sorry to hear this, DN. I really hope your Mom pulls through ok, she seems like an amazing lady.
  2. Good article......thanks for the link
  3. Exactly what I was thinking after I read the article......NH
  4. No question. I think it takes the most skill to master most/all the games. I.E. Chip Reese- And this is NOT just because of his win in HORSE this year. The man has been playing the highest stakes mixed games for 30 years and continues to be a winner.
  5. :icon_eek:To the OP.....you sir have no idea what you're talking aboutthat is all
  6. The other pros say that it is Reese's emotional control that makes him so good. He never gets too down when he loses a pot and never gets too up when he wins one. He is just supposed to be a very cool customer -- he wins the most on the hands he wins and loses the minimum with the hands he loses. He never chases or starts playing less than optimally. That right there seperates him from 99.9% of most people who play poker (including, according the other professionals, most pros).This sums it up beautifully.......NH
  7. Yeah, you definitely should have walked away at that point. If you have a bad feeling about a certain table and feel like the players are better than you, then theve got you half-beat already and this can never be good for your bankroll. By the way, Ive never heard of this rule. Anyone else know anything about it???
  8. LMAO....you summed it up wonderfully.....Some of us like to watch actual poker being played, not just crap-shoots.
  9. I agree......Sam Farha has been playing the best poker of the bunch by far.....hes making great reads, raises, etc......when a guy like Sammy is running good......watch out
  10. Well said, Kowboy.....this is spot on advice 8)
  11. Thanks man, I understand position...however, exactly how many boards do you think youre going to hit with this hand??? You have close to zero fold equity because its a table full of donks AND its Omaha.....as for Smash, Im laying odds he doesnt play this hand eitherP.S. Please explain bolded statement...how the hell are all 4 of those cards 'working together'????
  12. I agree 100% with both of these points.....when I first saw your hand I had to check and see if you were playing O8 instead of hi....not a good high hand, to say the least....
  13. I would have sat for a couple reasons....1)I have confidence in my ability to play for decent stakes-sounds easy, but isnt 2)If I lost 2k or so, my br would take a hit, but I would be able to build it back up(see #1)....I guess the point is I have faith in my game, and the money doesnt scare me.P.S.Good restraint, though...if you have any hesitation about sitting in a game like that, its best just to walk away
  14. AMENWhat, you guys expect him to say: "Yeah, I suck at cash games....they take all my mobney!!!" ....LOL.....I mean, come on :!:
  15. YES.....he was a coke head, then a crackhead in his last years.....Metallica said it best: "Sad But True"
  16. :shock: Im sorry....you think thats normal and/or ok????????
  17. Guys, you gotta check this out.......WTF???!!!!!! Comments???http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.ad...S00010000000001
  18. In case some of you havent seen this yet, check it out: http://extempore.livejournal.comFreakin hilarious!!!! I cant believe he can be serious.....wow :shock:
  19. LMAO....Ron, you r the man.....I get your drift, brother....I guess im a sick SOB, cuz I dont get bored playing cards(Esp. if Im winning)
  20. Why, thank you, Ron....I dont go to Vegas to 'have fun' in the traditional sense....making money IS fun to me.....My playing poker paid for my trip +$1500 so.....Good luck to you, sir 8)
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