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  1. Can you please talk smack to me at random times when I play? That was the only event I cashed last WSOP. That goes for Fluff too. Kthnx
  2. <<<< Is NOT willing to meet Rose!!!!
  3. So Scott...does this mean we're finally going to golf together?
  4. There are several sites that will stream this. Myp2p.eu is generally the best for this.
  5. Only 2 years late on that :)I'm assuming Zach was drunk when he bumped this. Apparently this poem killed 3 relationships. Fail.
  6. I'm just trying to say that your idea would make zero sense in any poker situation. Killing a hand and returning all bets probably makes the least sense of anything I've read in this thread.
  7. Are you serious? This is an awful awful awful awful awful idea. "Sorry you got it in with the nuts, but we're punishing you and saving the other player!"The correct ruling for a bar league is definitely the one that keeps everyone happy. Recreate the board, reshuffle the muck, and proceed with the hand. Or if it is a super casual league ask the two players involved what they would like to do to make the situation right.
  8. A big issue with those sites is that you can play them for free using the lottery system's alternate means of entry. I worked for ClubWPT for over a year before it closed and they weren't doing well.
  9. I forgot this forum was useless now. Won't make that mistake in the future.
  10. I'm looking for someone who can confirm a Russian translation for a project I"m working on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I think the Kuge post was aimed towards you. Care to comment?
  12. Don't worry about responding to him Bob. Clearly he's trolling again to try and drum up interest in his campaign to get on the big game. Maybe he should just hang out outside the tapings and preach to anyone who will listen. Sounds like a profitable idea. I'll bring the tomatoes.
  13. To be fair you are extremely annoying and cause people to bash you. So technically your begging is the reason loosh has been making comical posts aimed at you.
  14. No way he wants to give away his identity and spoil the fact that he has like 4 FCP accounts and many joke accounts directed towards him. Can't wait to see him on the show though! Gl!!!
  15. Lol @ confused. Give it a break man. Your jig has been up on this forum for years. I highly doubt you'd get picked for the show. It'd be funny though.
  16. Based on how often you insult the pokernews staff and act like a pompous douchebag on this forum I doubt your begging will help. Best of luck though!
  17. +1 to the job search and the 3 1/2 years of living out here.
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