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  1. Yeah great movie Well even if didn't like the movie, I learned about Naomi Watts Brag PostWhere was everyone's honeymoon? Ours was a year late but we did a Caribbean cruise What! Me neither - so can you just buy anything there you want? And if you take a loan from a pawn shop, if they sell the item you've pawned, that's it - no more loan but you've lost the item? It would have been faster to google the answer but I can't stop now since I've typed out the whole thing.
  2. Nice build up but like many shows, doesn't really deliver in the end
  3. Was I supposed to channel Billy Crystal? I just saw the Princess Bride again with the kids (they liked it but didn't quite appreciate it as much as me)I think I would go with #3 without the reversion; with the reversion, then it'd have to be the low risk choice of #1Congrats Cane on the job!Congrats LG for graduating!Glad to see the bearded one back!
  4. Now I remember it - ugh. I'm trying to remember any movie series where the third movie was at least good instead of awful. Two that I can think of are:Bourne UltimatumHarry Potter: Prince of AzkabanAs for sports underdog movies that were good:Bad News BearsRockyHoosiers
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    No - I thought it was full season. So you do get compensation in a sense if your player gets injured and is knocked out for the year.
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    Talk about a terrible injury - Kendry Morales hits a walk-off homer but lands on his ankle wrong at home plate in the midst of a celebration - out for the season.
  7. Snopes Link below - I'm sure the Republicans were bashing Bush Sr when he was vacationing in Maine. Got to give kudos to Clinton though - only Prez to make it every year.SnopesIn 2002, President George W. Bush was in France on Memorial Day and participated in ceremonies at Normandy (site of the D-Day landings) honoring the U.S. soldiers who fought and died in World War II. In his place, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.President George H.W. Bush (himself a World War II veteran) attended no ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery during his f
  8. 90% on the test - whew. I missed "Freedom of the Press" and "Susan B Anthony" (got her confused with Betsy Ross).As for the two chihuahua's that were going to be sent to a shelter - we brought them home over the weekend. They are both friendly with people - However, they are not house trained (the original owners thought they were but left them outside most of the time). Also, one of the dogs does not get along with our Husky plus our Husky plays sort of rough and we had to step in a few times to avoid a squished chihuahua.Finally, when we left the dogs outside in their crate; they barked u
  9. Just let it go...i would rather have seen Logan get killed in some final destination type scenario - he got off easy.I liked the ending - Chloe's last line was a perfect sendoff until the movie comes out
  10. I think everybody is ok with that one.Now can the police ask for your papers because you look hispanic and are just out in public minding your own business?
  11. My oldest kid is in the 6th grade and I can still help her with her math problems but I can tell this will change shortly. I think the last math class I took was in my junior year of college but I've pretty much forgotten everything in calculus and most of trigonometry.And I had no idea how to solve your math problem.So the janitor at our elementary school noticed we had a dog and mentioned that his friend was moving to a place that wouldn't take dogs. Went over there and his friend had a six year and three year old chihuahua mix. Friendly dogs, let my kids pick them up but I said no in the
  12. I'm still watching it and at least there's a glimmer of hope that FOX is looking at it. On the other hand, FOX doesn't have a great track record with shows like this: Sarah Connors, Dollhouse all canceled within two years recently.The father/daughter sub-plot in Afghanistan does nothing for me. Also, I agree with the previous poster that the Sonya Walger character too easily fell into a relationship with the Scientist. She does a much better job as Penny on Lost with way more chemistry with Desmond.I like the John Cho character plus he gets to bang Gabriela Union and Christina Woods (once)
  13. Sorry to hear about your Dad Randy - the pics are great!
  14. I think that Parvati wins it if she can get to the final three - I also think that she's very deserving and would win enough votes from the heroes side of the jury even if Colby makes it in there.I started out really hating on Sandra but she's grown on me. Her comments to Russell "I'm against you" and then flipping him off as well as the "loose lips sink ships" comment to Rupert just cracked me up. Rupert deserves to go home for being so oblivious to how his wood chopping in the middle of the night was affecting the sleep of the other survivors.Russell has no shot as he's alienated way too m
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    I remember that - free the monkey was the rally cry way back then. As for this whole thing - I'll go with whatever the commishes decide. No big deal.
  16. Hope that you have a great birthday LG!
  17. But in case you were wondering, if drugs are legal, theft would still be illegal. See, drug use is a crime against nobody; theft is a crime against another person.In case you were wondering, if he wasn't addicted to heroine, he wouldn't have motivation to steal my shit.This is a terrible argument for arguing that drugs should be illegal.Substitute if he wasn't addicted to alcohol, he wouldn't have motivation to...or if he wasn't addicted to gambling at the casino, he wouldn't have motivation to...of if he wasn't addicted to giving his girlfriend gifts he can't afford, he wouldn't have motivati
  18. Get a big lead and hold on for dear life - works for me.Nabby seemed solid (no soft goals) and the second line again made the difference - Pavelski has the start to shoot/pass, delay/settle the puck and shoot trick down pat. Malhotra continues his gritty play and Heatley finally scores a goal.The Sharks also have the two opposing players run into each other and one gets hurt move down pretty well too
  19. GG Amanda - although she should have made Danielle read the clue to all three of them. Colby was such a doofus there "I was watching the movie". C'mon - play the game at all times!And then Candace blows up the plan to vote out Parvati by switching. Ugh.
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    I cringe every time they pull Lincecum athough I think it was the right time since he had walked Victorino on four straight pitches.Wonder how many wins over the past few years Lincecum has lost when he left with a lead
  21. So we'll see more of this then in 90 days since both ICE and the state police can do this now - cool
  22. Man that is terrible - I hope your dog is doing better.Our neighbor has a jack terrier, really nice dog but very old. The other neighbor has this golden retriever - very aggressive, got into a fight with my dog at the park (my dog on a leash, his dog held by a 4 year old kid who obviously just let go). Then a few months ago, the golden got out of the house and charged my wife who was walking our dog. She managed to get between them but got a nice bite that has turned into a nice scar from that dog.Today, I heard that our neighbor's terrier had passed away - not from old age but from a fight
  23. Seriously? Wow, what a joke! And what was the reason for pulling him over in the first place?
  24. Some of the best episodes lately are the ones that focus on the second team. I like the original star trek references and the one where Langham/Vassey were at Star Trek knockoff Conference.My all time favorite CSI episode is still the Furry Conference Episode since I had no idea of the plot beforehand.
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