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  1. Some very good advice so far - I learned about the string bet the hard way as my raise became a call.1. Shower up; hopefully, everyone else at the table thought of the same thing. If you're going to order food, maybe the garlic/onion/cheese burger is not the best choice.2. Remember to tip the dealer if you are so inclined(especially the good ones)3. Be aware of special situations; when I was at the Reno Hilton, they had kill pots for players who won two hands in a row; winning player had to put up a double blind and the limits were raised 2x for that hand only.
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    Turned on the set at 10:00 last night and started to watch the first four hours that I had recorded.Looks like everybody is gone from the previous seasons except Jack and Chloe although I'm sure that plenty of guest appearances will occur based on the trend of the previous seasons.Haven't seen William Devane in any role for a long time, he and the actress from "House of Sand and Fog" were the two actors that I recognized. The guy who played the mummy in "the mummy" is also there too. Great start in my opinion; looking forward to the next 20 hours!
  3. Of course, then there's the strategy that Daniel used last year at one of the WSOP tournaments where he rebought almost 30 times from my recollection. He ended up finishing 3rd and more than made up all the re-buy fees, so different strokes for different folks.I don't think that I'll be copying that strategy!
  4. I play a lot of SNGs at pokerstars and going in all-in with 2's would be reasonable. Unless he has a pair, you're a slight favorite against almost anything.That was actually a tough call on his part as you could easily have had A or K and he'd be much further behind. Then there was the guy who called my all-in with 89 unsuited only a few hands after we were the final 2. We were about even in chips and I won that one. Guess he had to be somewhere!
  5. I was in a 4-8 at the Reno Hilton a couple of weeks ago - had K's cracked twice in a similar situation. Ace fell pre-flop on one of them; got out and winner had A. Other one was tougher, no A on flop but someone rivered a straight on me as they had the odds to keep calling.
  6. I'll probably drop by to watch some of the shooting star since it's in my neck of the woods. At this point in my limited poker playing career, I can't see risking $10K on the entry fee; all the satellites at Bay 101 seem to be spread limit - rebuy to get into the shooting star; Any thoughts on the rebuy satellite tournaments at Bay 101?I wish that pokerstars had satellites into this one like they did for Atlantis,although I notice that another online poker site does have some seats saved.Good Luck!
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