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  1. I sit Ward because Elliott is playing tonight - of course Ward would have gotten me a shutout. Whee overmanaging
  2. I've posted my keepers in Yahoo
  3. I enjoyed last night's episode and the finale looks like there will be some good action. Some thoughts below
  4. I didn't realize that we had changed it to 8 from 6 like in prior years - would have been a great final week if we had stayed at 6 since except for Adam who had locked up his playoff spot first, there was a logjam of teams from 2 to 8.
  5. I'd take itSantana > Mauer (I think that one season where Mauer showed power was a mirage)Longoria > CabreraChoo < JenningsBourjos = RasmusThe outfielders are a flip as I think he has the edge but you're getting two decent players especially if they bat Bourjos near the top of the order. Getting Longoria who's the biggest stud in this deal makes it a good trade for you
  6. Anyone interested in the following pending RFA's?Jose ReyesJacob EllsburyAramis RamirezIchiroRyan TheroitMike CarpDominic BrownLet me know what you'd be willing to offer - I'm leaning towards keeping some of them as for example it would take a huge offer to get Ellsbury since he's still fairly cheap even with the type 1 designation
  7. First season that I'm watching this as the kids wanted me to watch - actually have liked the show so far. I only dislike the cowboy dude since he seemed like such a egotistical douche when he was teamed up with MIT. Funny how they got rid of him after they made it on.Thought that the Neopolitans made a huge mistake in not working at all with the vocal coach or band before - what's wrong with a another opinion or some advice? The first girl seemed very bitter when she was voted out and then the second girl really broke down after she went in the second cut.At this point, the field seems ver
  8. I've got Matt who seems to be in a strong early alliance although they only have four but who is also one of the egotistical d-bags. I could see all of the guys voting for Colton who plays the idol and votes out Matt who he hates.I like Chelsea, the country girl who caught the two chickens. She seems to have a great attitude and isn't pissing the other girls off.
  9. Finally finished ADWD and here are my thoughts and questions
  10. So are you saying that there shouldn't be any patent protection since that is a form of regulation? What's your solution the Makena issue? Get rid of the patent protection?
  11. gobears


    I'm fine with the league the way it is as I've enjoyed it over the past two yearsThat being said, I don't even know how many games we played this year but it sounds like Matt has done a nice job in mapping out a 80 game schedule Overall, it's a fun league and I hope that everybody returns!Also it's unbelievable that both the Lions and the Niners will be playing a major game this weekend! I'm a little torn because Jahvid Best has always been one of my favorite players since he went to Cal so I just have to hope that he gets his yards, we somehow control Megatron and the Niners come away with a
  12. I had the last pick in the snake draft so no reason to deviate from my opening strategy of picking up two decent goalies since I figured the goalie pickings would be slim when it got back to me in the 3rd. Picked my D late as usual and mainly looked to take guys who could help in multiple categories.Couldn't be a Shark homer as usual since RTM was drafting right in front of me (I was going to take Couture right before he picked him but with his team name I was resigned to not getting him).Didn't realize that Santorelli was hurt but other than that, I think that I did ok1. (16) Miikka Kiprus
  13. I'd be in favor of replacing SH goals with hits also
  14. I'll be in again though I predict a regression to the mean for my team
  15. Some interesting stuff from Gallup on the 2012 electionshttp://www.gallup.com/poll/148964/Democrat...nal-Ballot.aspxGallup's first measure of the 2012 congressional elections shows Democrats leading Republicans, 51% to 44%, in registered voters' preferences for which party's candidate they would support in their district "if the elections for Congress were being held today." The poll was conducted Aug. 4-7, after Standard & Poor's downgrading of the U.S. government's credit rating last week but prior to this week's volatility in the stock market, including the 635-point stock market drop
  16. About 800 pages into Storm of Swords - all I can say is Wow! Peter Dinklage does a great job in portraying Tyrion; hopefully he gets nominated and wins some awards.I'm also glad to see how Martin weaves back into the story characters who disappear for awhile. It looks like Storm was written in 2000 so he sure has slowed down the pace since I only have Feast left before the new book (Dance with Dragons) comes out in a few days.
  17. This TV Critic feels that too many breasts are being shown on the show - I think that they enhance the storyline myself!LA Times
  18. I never had any apple products until this past year, but then my kids wanted a nano, then it was an itouch for all of them and then I discovered how I really liked the ease of itunes. the ipad is next at some pointGreat wedding pictures by the way! You two look great!
  19. I thought that it was a great series - I ended up reading Game of Thrones so I knew about the big scene in episode 9. It's funny because when I was reading the book, I couldn't believe that it happened and I was curious as to whether they would change the scene in the TV show. I think that they actually improved upon it with a few differences from the book.So I just finished Clash of Kings and thought that it was great as well - it was hard to put down as I want to see what happens in the next chapter. I'm now onto Storm of Swords
  20. I don't think that you can make that statement BG - in this specific case, it's still unclear as to whether waterboading was necessary. And you can't say that Obama has recognized that since there is no evidence that Obama has agreed to extreme methods of interrogation. Doesn't mean that he hasn't; just means that it's not yet been proven.Mohammed did not discuss al-Kuwaiti while being subjected to the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding, former officials said. He acknowledged knowing him many months later under standard interrogation, they said, leaving it once again up for
  21. I agree except for the drone part. The US has the body and absolute proof that we got him. Think of the stupid birther arguments - I'm sure if a drone had hit the palace and there was no body, you'd have a bunch of conspiracy folks saying that Bin Laden was still around.
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