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  1. Gov Moonbeam has actually done a decent job in my view - he's pledged not to increase taxes unless the people vote for it (hence prop 30). For now, the state democrats have agreed to this but time will tell. Brown who's 74 has no higher aspirations and can do whatever he wants - from that standpoint, he's beholden to no one since I doubt he'll run for another term. He actually did a decent job as the mayor of Oakland and has become more moderate as he gets older.


    He's actually balanced the budget with Prop 30 passing (something Davis and the Governator couldn't do) but also reiterated that the state is still in big time debt and that any surpluses will go against the debt.

  2. Make an offer on


    Justin Ruggiano OF Mia $1.00 RFA No Tier


    Aaron Hill 2B Ari $4.50 RFA Tier 1


    Victor Martinez C/1B Det $2.75 RFA No Tier


    Tyler Moore 1B/OF Was $1 RFA No Tier


    Michael Saunders OF Sea $1 RFA No Tier


    Shane Victorino OF LAD $4.25

  3. So based on the BLS statistics


    Men 20 Years and older: 71% are employed


    Women 20 Years and older : 60% are employed


    That's for the civilian noninstitutional population - not sure if that excludes students and stay-at-home parents, but Romney's 47% obviously includes working folks who happen to be poor.


    This should be good for a week of entertainment

  4. I thought they wussed out big time in 2000 and 2004. They didn't need to do anything in '08.


    Maybe they used to do stuff back in the day but i wasn't voter eligible until 2000.


    Obama is just a lot tougher than Kerry and Gore were.


    Gore/Kerry wussed out - they deserved to lose the election


    Obama gets down into the mud with the Republicans - both sides are now really reaching with their ads - lots of "pants on fire" ads if you look at politifact.


    You don't win in politics if you don't go negative unfortunately

  5. No, Zimmerman escalated the situation, not enough to deserve being attacked for it, but he did. Trayvon made it worse, not enough to die for, but he made it worse.The real problem is that two people who are mostly stupid have created a situation where the media has fanned a racism charge where the real charge should be a stupidity charge.
    We don't know how exactly Zimmerman escalated in the situation. If he did in a way that Trayvon was scared for his life, then Trayvon could have tried to defend himself by attacking Zimmerman.Unfortunately we'll never know exactly what happened.during those few minutes
  6. thanks..first one to post a trade for the .50 will be appreciated.Im giving a free quarter away..so .50 for .75 next year..First one gets it
    I'll do that trade Serge
  7. Thanks Adam for another great season as commish - I think that the playoffs are a crapshoot so I'll take the luck at the right time. My match with Ingmen was very close in the first round - we were tied up til the last game of the night. It was actually a very close game with RTM as well as I only won faceoffs by 7 and we were tied in assists. My goalies pitching two shutsouts basically helped me sweep the goalie categories to get me the win. I was actually camping this weekend so I knew I wouldn't be able to counteract the Saturday full replacement maneuver so I was sweating a bit on Sunday.Looking forward to next year and I decided to bring back some quotes from early in the year.

    Standard deviation says Andre wont do well this year..As a matter of fact I will bet my team against his +4 spots...Meaning I get 4 spots(ie if I finish 5th he finishes 2rd I WIN)I will offer this bet for $20 to the first three posters
    Too bad I didn't take this bet nor did anyone elseThe other bet that no one took was the Canada vs USA (which country would the winner reside in)
    FYI, I'm onto Andre's strategy. He's going down this year.
    Maybe next year Dale
    As usual, Andre's team looks like a bunch of crap, with no one to get excited about or looks like a great contributor.And he'll probably win the league.
    And that's why Danny has the sickness and the crystal ball
  8. This is my first year watching idol and the voice since the kids for the first time wanted to watch - I actually like both shows so I guess I've missed out.For idol, Phillip, Josh, Hollie and Jessica are my favorites although I think that Colton and Skylar have a better chance of winning (agree with LG's analysis). Heejun, Deandre and Elise will probably go next - the first two because they are overmatched and Elise because she gets put in the bottom three a lot (last week was the first time she didn't and only because she did a great job - one mediocre performance and she's back at the bottom).As for the voice, too many contestants left - I can barely remember this week's episode. I did think that the Shields brothers should have won their match. I was glad that Katrina won - she really surprised me on the Leona Lewis song. OUt of the previous battles, I just remember the one on the first episode between Jessie (single dad) and Anthony? (Pastor's son). I thought they were both great and thought it sucked putting them against each other - the loser would probably have beaten many of the others in Christina's group.All the losers seem like good sports after they lose although I guess that they know they are on live TV - I saw Alyx's tweets afterwards and she wasn't happy.

  9. The more I think about it I think there should be a weekly transaction limit OR a deadline prior to the playoffs for making transactions.
    I'd be in for some transaction limit per week during the playoffs. During the regular season especially at the beginning, I think that it's fine to do a bunch of transactions if you drafted the wrong players.One issue with the playoff deadline for transactions (I'm assuming you mean frozen rosters) is how to deal with injuries (both dtd and dl) - it would stink not being able to replace an injured player.
  10. The actress that plays Lori was good in Prison Break - in the comic Lori has a lot of personality flaws (not likable at all) so from that standpoint, she's nailing the TV role.But yeah, I thought revulsion for sure and I couldn't figure out why since Rick explained that Shane went after him first. Remorse makes more sense but I'll agree that she didn't sell that at all.

  11. That's been a strategy that various owners have used in the past years in the playoffs - I picked up two guys yesterday for the same purpose since there were a bunch of close categories (hits, PIM) in my playoff match. We could vote on a maximum # of moves per week or something if we want to change the rules for next year or even the rest of the playoffs. However other things to consider would be injuries (not just the DL but the day to day) - I wouldn't hesitate to swap out an injured guy if I wasn't sure when he would return and wouldn't want to be constrained by a maximum # of moves hard stop.

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