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  1. I'd go with the 11.5 gram set. The 13.5's are heavier than anything you'll find in a casino. I find it better to play at home with close to the same as you'll play with in the b & m's. IMHO ;-)
  2. I got an idea. Now that you've received your first suckout on the river, and been thrown out because of the subsequent hubub which you could have prevented, how about remembering next time to say, "Nice hand, Sir" and show the donkey you can really handle it like a man. Say nothing more, just "Nice hand, Sir". Smile, get your cards for the next hand, and bust the donk in the chops. That's why donkey's have floppy ears and big teeth....so you can hold their heads and bust'em in the chops. Remember, and repeat after me,..... "Nice hand, Sir"
  3. Good post and not a waste of either 3 minutes or 90 seconds. We have all been there at one time or another. I was reading the latest Bluff this morning and Sam Farha did the same thing to Moneymaker after the "big" bluff. Sammy should have smoked Moneymaker but instead, his mind got bent.
  4. Now now, kids. Play nice in the sand box or they'll be a lock up!
  5. Good read. Staying away from the BJ tables is easy... just don't go there. Anytime I take a break, I just head outside for some fresh air and get my mind back on the game. Why try to get your mind fresh for poker by playing another game? Just don't go there. For tipping, I think 50 bucks is generous. Even on the big pots you describe. I, too, like to throw a buck even on the small pots. About the only exceptions are walks with maybe one limper. Don't forget the chip runners and if you want help on the list, bump the brush on the way in or out...they will remember next time.
  6. What do you consider a "win"? Is this ITM or last one standing?
  7. Sooo... the Gov makes agreat post earlier today about posting rules and what not. It all made good sense to me. Nothing too crazy or whacked out since. But wouldn't you know, first post and lookee what we get. Add the 30/30 rule and it will all be better. Please for the love of.....well I can't use that word but you know what I mean.
  8. There must have been a recent color up of $5k chips and an extra 1 million was added in for fun. This is the new trendy way to "add" some excitement to the event...
  9. BHAAS, great avatar. Man, those are some sweet units
  10. Online poker is rigged. How can you run bad???
  11. The kid, Idiothair Molina, is just that...a punk kid. 21 years old and acting much less. Was his blind call good? Maybe. Was his mouth proper? No. I thought Ken Jacobs should have waited for the punk outside and stomped his little white *** into the sidewalk. Funny as all get out how his act was 100% different the next day with his mom in the stands! I bet she spanked him the night before and sent him to bed with no dinner.
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