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  1. I seem to play better on my desktop where I can dork it up and shuffle chips rather than on my laptop sitting on my couch.
  2. Not broke right now but I'm horrible at BR management so I'm sure it will be anytime and i'll be broke...
  3. Sounds like me except I cash out and then try to play at the same level I did before I cashed out. I am very very smart.
  4. Just wanted to be part of the madness... GL ALL
  5. Just to give you a taste of what I have so far and that I listen to a broad range so any suggestions i'll take em...The Seeds- The RootsI Drink Alone- George ThurgoodFloat On- Modest MouseCome On- Notorious B.I.GSaturday Night Special- Lynard SkynardTriumph- Wu Tang 1Bourbon,1 Scotch, 1 Beer - George ThurgoodLet me Clear my Throat- DJ KoolBaby Please Don't Go - Van MorrisonWe Love These Hoes- OutkastShoulder Lean- Young Dro
  6. thx.... got lucky and took it down...
  7. Forgot to say this is the slowest FT ever...
  8. Bodog 3k guarantee.... final tableand jus lost a 90k pot 10,10 vs A,2...preflop WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. I quit playing pretty early last night and ended up at $44 I'm totally not in the poker mode right now plus I had planned to have a lot more by Saturday(today). I knew that I was gonna be really busy during the day/evening today but I figured I could put a ton of hours in tonight. I will still try to grind tonight and then if I have to start playin some multi's on Sunday.
  10. no I havn't gone broke I'm at $59 right now....I'm not gonna update as much cuz it was jus me reading it lol and it was taking away from my poker
  11. haha well I ended up with my whole account at a 1/2 table and lost like 50-60 bucksI'm down to $50 and it looks like my little project won't be makin it through the night haha....Playin some 25 NL right now
  12. Ok well I don't really think anybody cares if I do this or not... I am kind of putting myself to sleep reading this.I might come back on Sunday and write a little something of how it went down to see if I got it or not.
  13. It was close to train wreck time for me and the bets.... I was at $108 and lost a $10 heads up sng leads to gettin pissed.... I think i'm 4-2 in $10 sng heads upI go and lose a $20 heads up sngI then go and play a $30 heads up sng and win that one...so it is at $106 right now
  14. UP to $111 after some $25 NL Trying to set myself up nice for tomm. because I always struggle when I play right when I get up. One hand I limped in w/ Q,10 in middle position and the flop comes Q,6,Q® sb bets pot which is 1.25 and I jus call. the turn comes a 5 and he moves in for 11 dollars I call he has 6,5 and I win a decent sized pot If I get to 250 tonight I might stop and go out for some drinks....
  15. UP to $96 from some $10 NL... i'm creeping right now and i'm starting to feel normal again after those attivans.I'm going to eat some dinner and then hit it hard for a while
  16. UP to $884-1 $10 sng's Heads up Maybe I should try to play on this attivan "high" more often even though I know I am playing so poorly...Finally somebody took my side in a bet haha and it is sad to say that it was my brother for $30
  17. Up to $893-0 in $10 sng's I'm totally out of it right now because I got drunk last night. Usually after a hard night of drinking I get these spats here and there of bad hyperventalation. I usually take like 3 attivan and I'm fine by 7 or 8 o clock. I am pretty much zoning it out right now and can't concentrate at all so this makes this even that much more fun. My D+ game dropped into an F game and i'm totally lost mentally right now. I'm hoping by tonight I'll be back to "normal" and will be able to put some hours in. Thanks for the support who gave it...I'd love t
  18. haha obviously can't take those large of bets but the concenus is that nobody thinks I can do this... and i'd probably have to agree... although i'd be interested in hearin the offers
  19. up to $79 after a $10 heads up sng....2-0 $10 sng's Yea I might... depends on how much you wanna go... and the payments would have to be on Starsalso the stipulations of what time I will have to be done by...
  20. Taking a break...I'm disapointed in how I went out in the $5.50 SNGat $70I am pretty much talking to myself which I don't really mind
  21. After bluffing off $5 with absolute air on at $10 max tableI was mad at my self so I played a $10 sng heads upI won when the guy moved in on me w/ 2nd pair and I had the nut straight3-3 $5 sng's1-0 $10 sng'sstill in the 5 dollar 10 man sngat $70 right now
  22. Up to 66... hand details laterin a 10 person 5.50 sngand i'm 3-3 on heads up 5.5 sng's...absolutly disgusting
  23. Movin on up....Movin on up Up to $61 I put 5.50 in a 25 max table 6 handed... A guy sits down to my right on that I have notes on as being an atrocious player and a huge calling station. I get K,10(d) in the bb flop comes K,6,4® pot is 1.25 and I bet $1 into the pot everybody folds except the guy I have notes on (Pot $3.35) turn comes 9(clubs) makin a flush draw and I bet 2.50. He single raises me to 5 dollars and with that I pretty much know what has because I have seen him do this many times be
  24. Up to $42 after some $10 NL... Nothing very exciting besides a guy bluffin into me when I had K,Q on a Q,J,3(rainbow) 8(turn) 8(river) I played 5 heads up sng's and went 2-2... Played one sng like an infant and then lost KK vs A,Q all in on my last sng. Off to donk it up some more even though I'm hungover and playin my D+ game and the plus is being generous...
  25. After going on drunken monkey tilt last night and cutting my stars bankroll to me not wanting to touch it for a while. I have decided to try and take the 33 dollars I have on Bodog to 500 by the end of the weekend. I have a couple side bets going that I will probably lose as well as the 33 dollars but I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes. I'll keep updating so everybody can watch the train wreck. (got the idea from a twoplustwo thread) time for a shower and then it is time to get feltedBet 1- one of my good friends that doesn't know much about poker but will gamble on pretty
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