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  1. Speedkills(35) and Strippers(40) will ship tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how drunk I get!GG neither was even close for me
  2. Speedkills I'll ship the 35 tonight, posting from my phone. GG. Over 40.5 for 20 more Oakland reply and it's booked
  3. LadyGrey, I'll probably take that will you check this thread around 10 or 11 or would u rather have me PM ya?
  4. If you could write me a small 4ish pages of "When, how and why did England become a "Protestant" nation?I'll transfer you 30 on stars even if it's a little above avg, if you're doubting the payment you can check the sports betting thread to see I'm good for it.Any degens know their English History? lol
  5. Colts -1.5 up to 50Speedkills gg... scotty_bro on stars
  6. OVER 63 1/2 Arkansas for 25 reply and it's booked
  7. 20 on Northwestern +520 on BC -4.5gonna be in the car and want something to sweat lolAlsoOhio State -16.5 up to 25just reply to the post and it's booked
  8. Detroit +18 vs Cal - Detroit for 50Quote and it's booked.
  9. Hey speed, I can only do stars for the Eagles game and sorry it took a while to get back on here. I was drunk as hell last night...
  10. That's fine and I didn't misunderstand, just typed it wrong. oh well cheers
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