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  1. i tried a quick search and didn't find anything. does GoGo allow PokerStars or FT when you're at 30,000 feet? for those unaware, GoGo is the internet service on Delta, Virgin, and American.
  2. Effective stacks are:Hero ~$180 Villain 1~$120 Villain 2~$150 (short buy-ins in LA ($100 max) I probably have table covered, if not, then I'm 2nd at the table)I probably look LAG, other two appear tight but I haven't been at the table long enough to make an informed decision.limped pot 5 ways, Hero has 4d9d on the button.flop 4cKc9dChecked twice to Villain 1, who bets out $5, Villain 2 calls $5 and i pop it to $20 to try to get a little more money in there by club draws and Kx. Two early positions fold and villains both call.turn 9cVillain 1 checks, villain 2 checks, and I bet out $25. This be
  3. O8 = Scott Clements...unfortunate first table draw, considering clements is probably about 2:1 to FT this.
  4. good point...that's a clear angle shoot by DN...win the Limit event while there's an event going on that Ivey has a good shot at, that way he's freerolling for the 200k.that little Canadian is a damn genius!!!!
  5. nice nice nice DN!!!!!odds that ivey wins 3k HORSE and the 200k never even has to change hands?
  6. could hellmuth have taken a worse line here?Hellmuth Gets Run DownPhil Hellmuth limped in from middle position. A late-position player checked and the big blind checked.The flop was {8-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} and the big blind and Hellmith both checked. The LP bet and the BB folded. Hellmuth called.The turn was {6-Diamonds} and both checked.The rvier was {8-Diamonds} and Hellmuth checked. The LP bet and Hellmuth called.Hellmuth showed {A-Spades}{A-Diamonds}, but the LP had {9-Diamonds}{8-Spades} for the win."Every time I pick up aces, I get run down," Hellmuth muttered. "But I love the ac
  7. Negreanu Boats UpOn a flop of {4-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds} {4-Clubs} Daniel Negreanu checked-called a 2,500 bet by a single opponent. The turn brought the {5-Clubs} and again Daniel checked, then called a 5,000 bet. The {4-Spades} fell on the river and again Daniel checked, after which his opponent checked as well. Daniel turned over {J-Clubs} {Q-Hearts} and took down the pot with a full house, fours full of queens. Immediately after the hand, Phil Ivey pulled up a seat at the same table.where was this during the rebuy period?!?!?!
  8. This immediately reminded me of the thread on 4 that Bonomo started. something about playing 37o all the way to the river on a completely ugly board. he justified it all the way as a joke and got half the board siding with him cause they were on his nuts. in the same vein, this must be a joke. all the reasons have been stated but the logic OP has posted for flatting is so flawed i lol everytime i think of the scenario. if i made that play (inviting a 4th player in by flatting) in my home game my friends would probably just take my chips off the table and throw me out for being suck a friggin'
  9. It appears they have a week-long series going at the Bike with small buy-ins and decent guarantees. I'm going to play the 50+10 tonight (20k gtd.) and I was wondering if anybody has any info on them. I can't seem to find a structure sheet, etc. online.Any help would be great, plzkthx.
  10. Hoosier in 2nd by 94 chips...time to step your game up
  11. if you can handle 20 beers before blacking out, then 1 valium or xanax + 6 beers=no memory...could be +EV or -EV depending on what happens that night
  12. yikes, Chong94, Gibler and MrSmokey at the same table...and of course the only two red pros left get seated together, meh
  13. lilholdem at baxter's table...nobody wants to die over there!
  14. so the straight got there and you still won the pot? woo hoo for convincing them you had the boat!
  15. he was still dealt into the hand so he still got the table share. the only thing he lost by folding was the possibility of winning the hand, which obv. would have paid him way more. but the old 24o ended up not being a winning hand anyway, so really he lost absolutely nothing by folding.am i wrong here?
  16. correct me if i'm wrong but the only tournament that WPT has exclusive rights to is the main event. therefore any other media outlet could cover the prelims if Bellagio allowed it. I don't think WPT/Cardplayer made a deal with the casino for every tournament, only the big ones. Maybe other outlets aren't covering the prelims in order to spite Bellagio/WPT/Cardplayer since they can't have access to the Main Event but i don't think Cardplayer should be blamed for that.
  17. my guess is her husband would be pissed if he found out she was banging one of them.
  18. how many brakes do you need? i just have front brakes and rear brakes on my car
  19. 5293 at break...had it to about 6500 and then made an idiot play to knock me back down.
  20. in as DunkSB...got in on an $8 sat.gl all...hoping for a long night
  21. god bless those who are trying to keep up with the chat.idiotic rail(present company excluded)
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