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  1. i just dled vlc and its working good actually playing the movie, im gonna look at the link you sent me dutch and your right its not a superthread lol, I didn't think you guys would answer as you did and i appreciate the input.
  2. do u have aim or do you mind if I PM you bc I dont know what your talking about
  3. and thanks pal, thats y i txted u earlier asking if you used utorrent
  4. sorry, im tired and drank a lil earlier... i downloaded a movie and an episode of family guy... its says they both dled properly and i opened them with windows media 10. They both play the sound but don't play the picture, I'm not knowledgable whatsoever with these programs. Both are ".avi" and are 100% i apologize if i sound ignorant on the subject but its only because I am
  5. sorry if this has been asked before but I'm tired and don't feel like searching so anyone with information is much appreciated. I downloaded a movie and tried to open it with windows media player and it plays the sound and not the picture.... I have used utorrent in the past and believe i used a different method for watching the episodes. Is there a particular program I have to dl, thanks in advance for any help.
  6. don't worry C... i got yo back
  7. thats what i was thinkingcongrats anyway on the royal
  8. kidpkrJR

    Dear Chrozzo

    he only usually delivers at night I believe, wednesdays and thursdays between 10am-4:32pm he is a very successful male escort
  9. kidpkrJR

    Dear Chrozzo

    Pilsner? really I think that beer is nastyyyy
  10. i still don't understand why people have to try to prove that their drunk by spelling like a toddler. Even if I'm wasted I don't type like im just smashing the keyboard and hitting enter.....and that picture is awesome
  11. I just used one last week, its the Visa All Acess Card..... I picked it up at my grocery store so you should be able to find them. There are a few different types so make sure you get the right one.
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