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  1. i love the new look of this site it looks alot better, i was wondering what daniel had up his sleeve bout time we find out haha :-)
  2. i love the new look of this site looks alot kooler then it used to wow im on here like everyday i just never post or anything i guess i should start lol
  3. Well im glad no one talked bad to me or anything because i wanna try to be nice to everyone.I think these poker forums are pretty cool and i enjoy checking them out but i guess im gonna go i look forward to posting and commenting on other peoples posts~Shane
  4. Hey Js is your name really shane? and yeah i guess it would be better if i would use proper grammer and puncuation lol
  5. Hello Everyone my name is Shane and this is my first post but i visit this site almost daily i am not old enough to play in casinos and stuff but i play alot of home games because im good friends with the people that run them last nite i took a tournament down at a friends house for a score of $650...not my bad for my age...i just wanted to say hey to everyone and i look forward to becoming friends with you all~Shane
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