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  1. The more studies I look up on cheating, the more that the average % of admitted cheaters seems to be around 40.So if a poll was taken of 1000 people and 400 admitted to being with someone else, how many do you think have been and would not admit it, even anonymously.Also, how many could think of a situation when they actually might cheat, even if they haven't.I don't think 70% if extreme.Then again, maybe I'm just an *******.
  2. Big difference in that statement and my original state ment that 70% of men have or WOULD cheat.
  3. I realize I can come off as cold while in an argument. I have been told that for a large portion of my life.I hope anyone I have offended realize that I in no way have felt anything malicious in the duration of this conversation. I think I have the same tendency Jeff has (which is why I got upset) to not be very sentimental while arguing things.But I do have a very big problem with being quoted as to saying things I would never say.I am not naive or stupid enough to say 70% of men cheat and its because they dont have respect for their partners.I do find it hard to believe, that with the divorc
  4. You have misquoted me for about the 7th time.Please stop.
  5. Dr. Scott Haltzman, Barrington psychiatrist: "By age 45, two out of every five men (40%) and one out of every five women (20%) has had at least one affair." Dr. Haltzman was only looking at marriages, and people who cheated in marriages. He found that the cheaters were mainly looking for love and affection, not for sex.Obviously we cannot trust any statistic on this.The ranges will be from 15% to 90%.My claim was that 70% have or would.Many PhD reports show statistics in the 40s.
  6. You assume everyone else shares your thoughts of me. As if the other people thought just like you did but just didn't say it.The fact is you got personal in a conversation that wasn't personal.
  7. Having UNC in the Final Four isn't a huge stretch. I am a diehard UNC fan so obviously I have them winning it all, but I don't think many people will say its completely unrealistic for them to win it all.They played as well as anyone towards the end of the season. They beat Duke at home on senior night. When they play well, they can play with anyone. And they improve every game as the freshmen learn more.I think getting past Michigan State will be a real test for them. They dont match up well with MSU at all.
  8. Say this..."Wassup girl. My friend cockblocked me like a ***** last night. Anyway its noon and I'm getting my drink on and wanted to know if you would come take care of **** you started last night. If not, tell your roomate to hook it up! HOLLER!"
  9. I saw Davidson play this year, they are very good.My brother was the student manager of Wofford's team, who played Davidson twice this year and beat them once.Davidson has the Southern Conference player of the year.Anyway, I need some wins today.Especially UNC.
  10. so truei like my girls like i like my poker playersloose and passive!
  11. I have a lot of experience and no room to lie.If anything I am too LAG with girls.
  12. Also, if you called once and didn't leave a message, I would think it -EV to call again soon.If shes curious or anticipating it she will call the # back. Shes looking forward to any random #s today.In the case that she screens calls, you need to leave a message.But if shes busy or having a bad day or doesn't want to talk, calling again soon is a bad move.I think the smart and safe approach is to wait a bid.
  13. In my experience with college girls (a lot of it and very recent), it is best to play it kind of cool.Up to you entirely.Girls my age and girls Doug age act a lot differently. I am only 22 but the gap between 18-19 and 22 is huge.In my experience, girls 18 and 19 are not going to necessarily prefer the mature and simple approach.
  14. Leave a message or wait a couple days.
  15. Doug, I think you should call her over break when you both have time to chat and shes had some time to look forward to it.Just my opinion.
  16. A lot of people will say waiting to call is silly. That if you like the person you shouldn't play games and should just call.This is probably valid and mature.But I have always felt kind of stupid calling the girl immediately.There are a few reason I wait atl east a few days. I want to make sure I am not just caught up in the moment and acting too impulsively. Also I think over-anxiousness can easily translate as desperation to a girl.I like to give it a few days and then call and see whats up. I think the most important thing is to be casual.Women have a radar for guys who are anxious or a
  17. "lettuce" begin a more fun conversation. something swingers-esqueguys, you get a phone # from a girl you are in to.do you wait to call her?if so, how long do you wait?
  18. wtf?If you make a post claiming "i like oranges", i don't reply with "why dont you like strawberries and bananas?"i just said that cheating does not necessarily equate to a lack of love.i NEVER came close to saying its a genuine show of love or affection. She's an 8.
  19. I don't think anyone ever "intends" on cheating.I am sure some do bu the # is small.Sure it is a lack of respect.That is kind of the issue.My original claim is that someone sleeping with a woman on the first date is likely to cheat on her or vice versa. It is all about disrespect actually.
  20. Agreed, I just disagree in the claim that cheating necessarily means lack of love.
  21. These implications that I don't value people have to quit.< is not stupid
  22. Would you then say that there should not be a relationship that is open to where each member could engage other physical engagements without deterring from the love between the two in the realtionship?
  23. Fair enough, that's true.I think you are exagerrating with your 100% implication and I hope you know that and see the difference.
  24. IN MY OPINIONThis is a very conservative and unfair assessment of fidelity.
  25. Asking for "evidence" over the internet of things I have heard in conversation is absurd.If you tell me that you had a conversation with someone where you both agreed the Steelers would win the Super Bowl next year, I wouldn't tell you to "back it up".
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