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  1. WHAT IS IT THEN?I DONT KNOW THE THIRD OPTION.by the way, ill raise this river against some players.im hyper aggressive though. i like the extra bets.
  2. You need to live in the south where UNC is ALWAYS on TV.thank god
  3. I don't wanna go open the HH and do all that, this one is fairly simple.Game is 3/6 and its 5 handed.I open one off the button with the 10 9 of spades.The SB and BB (both SL-A players) call.The flop comes 79J rainbow, one spadethey both check i bet, call callthe turn is the 3 of spadesSB check, BB bet, Hero raises, SB 3-bets, BB caps, Hero calls.River is a 9SB bets, BB raises, Hero ???EDIT: Originally I had a 10 on the river, it was supposed to be a 9, bringing me trips.
  4. Loose passive players usually defend any two cards.
  5. Bout time he gets all his chips in the middle.
  7. Easy river raise, you won't get a lot of overcalls with worse hands with the 4-straight on board, but you will get a call from the villian and maybe a 3-bet if hes a donk with top two pair or a set.
  8. This is a worse two pair a lot of the time. Probably not enough of the time to justify a raise. But he doesn't have QJ that often here.
  9. Weirdest.Post.Ever.Will I get arrested for looking at it?WHERE ARE THE NUDIES
  10. I think a C/R is easily the worst option.River check/raises are seldom correct, and especially incorrect here.I don't see how this is anything but a value bet on the river.
  11. Why would argue to call the turn but bet the river?
  13. Yes, so your river bet is a value bet.Bet/call gives you more value than check/call (if this is your consideration)
  14. Isn't that the best argument to not pump a pot with 8 high? You give us 8 clean outs?If we raise and get called on the flop, we would be getting 5 to 1 if he bets the turn, nowhere close enough to stay in the hand even with implied odds.
  15. Why?Its AA-QQ a ton.If he has TT or JJm so be it.
  16. With no read I think we have to check/call the river.
  17. this isn't a terrible situation for a free card raise, but you get three-bet too often i call and fold the turn UI
  18. its hard to believe the 5 helped him unless he called two cold preflop with 67no read at all? surely you got something
  19. new internet expressions i plan on adding to my vernacularlolacaustlollerskatesroflamingoroflcopterlolacoasterbringing the lolz
  20. I think there is a misconception about how easy it is to play a maniac post-flop. Maniacs generally play better post-flop than other players at a shorthanded table.I just don't understand why we would put ourselves in a situation where our hand barely has any equity at all against a maniac who is going to put us on tough decisions unless we hit the board.The reason loose aggressive players run over tables is because people get sick of it and three-bet them with KTo.If I knew that my playing too many hands would cause this, I'd play like a "maniac" too.EDIT: I realize the precariousness of this
  21. I talked with wrto a bit about this hand. He agrees that this is a leak (and he plays this level). You are three-betting a hand that has zero showdown value against a player who is NOT going to slow down on any flop.You will be put to tough decisions on the flop when you do this. Everyone's ego wants to tell them that we can play so good post-flop that we will have value in situations like these.Even with a small equity edge and position (if there is one), its extremely doubtful that we are going to make enough right decisions to make this a profitable play.Chris(wrto)'s comments were"K high h
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