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  1. Agreed completely.I have no problem betting this flop.I just don't like check/raising it.I check/raise very few flops.
  2. I think barring some incredible read we have to call the turn. The better question is, how do we play the river?If a K comes off?If a T comes off?If a Q comes off?If the Qc comes off?If z (insignificant) comes off?
  3. Getting HU with close to 50% equity in this pot is a good thing. It's worth investing 2sb's in a 7sb pot. If only it were that easy.There is no way you will invest anything less than 2BB in this pot after the flop if you c/r it.
  4. On the river?Calling is pretty standard. The MP could easily have the big straight or the flush, and the Button isn't raising the sucker straight on that board.I think calling is in order, but raising would be spewing.
  5. I'm probably just completing from the SB. There might be occassions where I will raise, but its only if I am looking to "mix it up" a little bit. With two limpers in front, raising out of position with KTs is probably not best.What is your read on the villian? At Party, I can't fold this turn to very many players.
  6. Another big reason a c/r is bad here is because of the bets you are GOING to waste on further streets when you get 3-bet or get called.People assume they can play so well post-flop that they won't ever spew chips. Anyone C/Ring this flop will spew on later streets also.
  7. I'm not going to c/f most flops with 7's. I'm just not going to call all of them.
  8. Why?Why can't you fold this flop?Its bet/call to you on a paired board with a straight flush draw in a raised pot and you have an underpair.Hoping to hit the sucker end of your backdoor gutshot straight draw?
  9. Because you don't have the odds to draw to a full house and calling is donking off chips?What happens when a 3 rolls off on the turn and its bet/call to you? You wouldn't be getting odds that differently, so we would have to call there too. And at that point we are calling a river bet too.The reverse implied odds are bad. Don't make a habit of calling down hands with underpairs on straight flush paired boards.
  10. Amazing you guys will raise a flop of bottom pair no draw in a pot against a villian who raised preflop but you won't raise this one.A raise on this flop gives you ton of information.And judging by that villian's line, his bet doesn't mean top pair at all, and his AF shows us that a 3-bet here lets us know we are beat and we don't lose more bets on the turn and river than we should.Anyway, we have to raise this pot somewhere. I think the flop is the easy favorite in that consideration.
  11. OK.I ran this by a few very good and reliable 2+2 posters.I think it is agreed that at a typical loose aggressive party game, a c/r is pretty bad. Here is why.I was reading a Cardplayer article recently where the autho advocated dumping AK on flops like Q74 because a Q is the worst cared in the deck if you have an A or a K. My point is, we have no redraws when we are behind. No backdoor straight or flush draw, and often times when we are drawing to improve to two pair we are going to be in a dominated situation and lose a lot of bets.I am an aggressive SH player. Probably more aggressive than
  12. Can't believe I am the only one who thinks folding is 10x better than raising.
  13. I can fold the turn if I think the SB is the kind of player who will risk giving a free card so he can c/r the turn.If not, its a pretty easy turn call to draw at a boat.
  14. I don't understand why you think this is convential. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one in here that adheres to fundamental LHE principles. You have a good hand, not even strong or a monster.You want to raise out of position in to an UTG raiser with a "good" hand. I don't think calling here is horrible at all. I think you are overestimating your hands UI showdown potential in a raised multi-way pot.Maybe Im wrong.
  15. Why should we check/raise the flop with bottom pair no draw OOP?
  16. 5 handed in the BB with 88 is an easy raiseyou dont think you have a boatload of equity over two limpers ranges?cmon
  17. FPS and i think you know it.
  18. why would you use a wa/wb line when you flop trips?theres a difference between knowiung theory and using it correctly.get more bets in
  19. Nothing wrong with the pre-flop call. You have plenty of people coming along. You can't make this call pre-flop and go nuts with it when you hit top pair and a gutshot. I'm just calling the flop and looking to improve while bringing a few along.I think good players lose a lot of money overplaying a weak top pair.
  20. I think the BB's bet on the turn doesn't necessarily represent a made hand a lot of the time. I am raising to build the pot/isolate.The turn raise would force me to call a river bet UI, but of course I had no idea what was about to happen once I did.On the river I cursed and banged my keyboard a couple times and called. I think a 9 was the worst card in the deck for me.It's still difficult for me to see a fold on the river.
  21. I will sell Keith's party ID for $10
  22. What are your names on Party?
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