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  1. even if this guy is a jopke, its pretty funny to read.
  2. Illi no matter, it's all about the Blue Devils baby.
  3. Regardless of the year, Gigli will always get my vote.
  4. Loved the way you played this pot, woulda done the same. Great reads = great plays. Even though the flop call is debatable pushing out a flush draw, he's going to make that flush about 25% of the time, so I'll gladly call as a 3:1 favorite and watch him miss. Good play.
  5. Since you messed up the flop, I don't mind the follow-up play. I woulda folded or raised on the flop, never call a flop like that.
  6. I don't like the way you played this hand, it was almost too predictable. I know a raise on the flop might have been a risky move, but I'm a firm believe in betting at your draws and raising with them, it throws everyone off. I'm assuming you are in one of the blinds, so maybe if you bet out right on the flop he might have played his high PP differently. If you would have bet out on the flop, a C/R on the turn would have been PERFECT. And since you had a good read on him, you could have value-bet the river and gotten paid off even more. Either way, NH NH.
  7. it twas a great thread, time to unsticky.
  8. yo. slap that bitch tony danza stylee.
  9. since its a pokerroom skin, and pokerroom crashes atleast once every week, we can assume that this is another one of the million problems.
  10. she should write a poker book. it might be a little better than play poker like the pros
  11. regardless of who's it is, it's still hilarious.
  12. New Found Glory - Ballad for the Lost Romanticssuch a good song for depressed guys. i put it on everytime i have girl problems, gets me right back up.oh and of course,Brand New - Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
  13. Trying to carry-on knives is funny. Trying to carry-on confederate clad knives is even funnier.
  14. Afflack was the bomb in Phantoms, yo. :clap: you took the words right out of my mouth. look at my sig.
  15. Has anyone else ever wanted to give Tori Spelling a Tony Danza slap?
  16. The Wonder Years is awesome! I hope they release it on DVD soon. No way that's a guilty pleasure. The music alone in that show makes it cool!Definately. "With a Little Help from My Friends" was my senior class song, chosen by yours truly. (yes i was senior class president)
  17. the wonder years.... i cried during the last episode.but i think "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion is my worst, i know every word.the red sox used to be, but they won a world series, so now i'm a front runner.
  18. PSU - 26 FSU - 23i searched the entire thread for a final score, but all i found were posts on bad kicking. i finally turned on espn and they were covering it just as i turned it on.
  19. P.S. love the topic title ivey, you had me fooled. i immediately thought to myself, "who the hell started this thread" lol
  20. Leave it to Ron..I have to agree with Tevin, a veterans only forum would just create more havoc in general considering people would want to get their post count up ASAP to join this "elite" forum. I know I'm no veteran poster, but I have been a veteran lurker since about June. I used to love opening up General (since i couldn't see OT) and seeing JFarrel being retarded, or a Royal created thread every click of the mouse, thats what made FCP interesting. After seeing the Weekend at Daniel's photos and the sense of community this forum represented, I decided to get off my ass and contribute. I'l
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