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  1. right down the street from me, i live palmetto and 441.
  2. He just made a good play considering what you were holding. I woulda raised the flop if anything, gives you information, and if he's aggressive then he'll probably throw away his hand considering your preflop raise. If you are the tight player, sorry, you're the victim here.
  3. They need more handicapped parking spaces.not sure whether to laugh or flame. my initial thoughts were to laugh, so .
  4. You live in Boca Raton? Where is that?I work in Boca, live in West Palm Beach.Get a map pretty boy.South Florida, 25 minutes north of Ft. Lauderdale, 1 hour north of Miami.Help?Where do you work Ron?
  5. Boca Raton is in south fla. It's about 30-40 minutes north of Miami. It's on the east coast, right there on the beach. Really beautiful city, although it is filled with EXTREMELY rich people. Some of the homes there would put Vegas homes to shame. I graduated from a high school in Boca where every other car in the STUDENT parking lot was a BMW or Mercedes. My parents live in Boca Raton, and I go back every break I have off from school. No I don't live in one of the extremely huge homes, I'm am but a middle classer lol. It's a really nice city, but not alot to do.
  6. so what you're trying to say is....
  7. 96 bottles of beer on the wall96 bottles of beeertake it downpass it around
  8. 97 bottles of beer on the wall97 bottles of beer on the wall97 bottles of beeeeertake one downpass it around
  9. statistically by chance you get snowmen more than not.-quote from biggest fish in our home game
  10. there's no question here. you need to make more raises, that is all.
  11. I live in the mouth of the rat while I'm not up in college. I'm actually driving down today. Daniel, it's my hometown, treat it good. I'm heading down tonight actually, gl down there, hopefully I'll run into you lol.
  12. Hopefully this will be the demise of all radio rock. Let's get some good music back on the radio.
  13. CENSORED FAUX NEWS.how can you watch that without laughing, it's so biased it's ridiculous. o'rielly is crazy, i would kiss letterman for what he said to him. it's not that i view fox news watchers as stupid, but misinformed through the medium they wish to "know" about what goes on.i still can't get over their coverage of the 2000 election.
  14. My mind just can't grasp the concept of you redpill...
  15. who is that, she looks like shes twelve.
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